Kaiping city departments actively participate in creating 5A scenic spots activities-solid converter

Kaiping city departments to actively participate in a "5A" tourism activities recently, Kaiping City Health Bureau Director Zhu Qiao to create a national 5A class tourist attractions to supervise medical room construction work, the construction of hardware and software in accordance with the standard requirements to improve the medical room guidance area medical room. City Health Bureau deputy director Li Huochuan and medical affairs unit responsible person to participate in the supervision. The steering group into the scenic garden, Zili village medical rooms on-site inspection, a detailed understanding of the construction of scenic medical. On-site coordination and research for scenic medical room layout, medical equipment, staffing and other issues specific solutions. Zhu Joe director pointed out that the area should be strictly in accordance with the basic standards of medical Clinic, consulting room, therapeutic room, a reasonable set of pharmacy, complete basic medical equipment, equipped with the appropriate staff and make referral docking as soon as possible, really play a role in medical room, improve the comprehensive competitiveness and the level of protection of scenic spots. To cooperate with Kaiping Diaolou cultural tourism zone to create a national 5A scenic spot, Kaiping city traffic police brigade Duocuobingju, actively participate in, strengthen traffic management, to ensure that the city park, Ma Zili village, dragon scenic spots such as hit 5 during a safe and smooth road traffic. Since the launch of Kaiping Diaolou cultural tourism area to create "5A" scenic spot, Kaiping city traffic police brigade attaches great importance to seriously implement the traffic management work, set up a leading group, the programme of work, strengthen the daily patrol control, Chikan Squadron, squadron Lily combined with the actual area, to strengthen legislation, Zili village, Ma Xiang scenic area the surrounding road patrol, Chajiu all types of traffic violations. By placing the traffic publicity boards, issuing leaflets, visited the scenic area responsible person and other measures to further increase the traffic safety propaganda work, to create work to create a strong propaganda atmosphere. Chikan Squadron, squadron lily also strengthened the scenic daily road traffic safety hazard investigation work, contact the highway management department, the provincial S275 scenic sections of the old fuzzy traffic marking to delimit, and repair of blocked traffic signs of trees, to create "5A" tourism work building blocks.

开平市多部门积极参与创“5A”旅游景区活动 近日,开平市卫计局局长朱乔到创建国家5A级旅游景区督导医疗室建设工作,指导景区医疗室按照标准化要求完善医疗室的软硬件建设。市卫计局副局长李活船和医政股负责人参加了督导。 督导组深入到自力村、立园景区的医疗室进行实地检查,详细了解各景区医疗室的建设情况。针对景区医疗室的布局、医疗设备、人员配备等问题进行现场协调和研究具体解决方案。 朱乔局长指出,各景区医疗室要严格按照医务室的基本标准,合理设置诊室、治疗室、药房,配齐基本的医疗设备,尽快配备相应的医务人员和做好转诊对接,真正发挥医疗室作用,提高景区综合竞争力和保障水平。 为配合开平碉楼文化旅游区创建国家5A级旅游景区,开平市公安交警大队多措并举,积极参与,强化交通管理,确保我市自力村、立园、马降龙等景区创5A级期间的道路交通安全、畅通。 自开平碉楼文化旅游区开展创建“5A”旅游景区以来,开平市公安交警大队高度重视,认真落实各项交通管理工作,成立了领导小组,制定工作方案,加强日常巡逻管控,赤坎中队、百合中队结合辖区实际,加强对立园、自力村、马降龙景区周边道路的巡逻,查纠各类交通违法行为。通过摆放交通宣传展板、发放宣传单张、走访景区负责人等措施,进一步加大交通安全宣传工作力度,为创建工作营造浓厚的宣传氛围。赤坎中队、百合中队还加强了旅游景区日常的道路交通安全隐患排查工作,与公路管理部门联系,对S275省道景区路段的模糊残旧的交通标线进行重新施划,并对遮挡交通标志的树木进行修葺,全力为创建“5A”旅游景区工作添砖加瓦。相关的主题文章: