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Jewelry-Diamonds Jeweller eyes Asia, Europe markets with unique designs While a relative, Arunashi, with its boldly innovative yet reasonably priced jewellery designs, has received the kind of immediate recognition that is rarely granted a young .pany. Founder and designer Arun Bohra is no stranger to the elite world of fine jewellery . He bears with him the heritage of his family in Jaipur, India, which has been creating exquisite jewellery for Indian royalty for over 150 years. Six years ago, he started his own .pany, Arunashi a blend of the names of his wife, Ashita, and himself. With his encyclopaedic knowledge of gemstones and a fascination with the diversity of jewellery design , Arun has created a captivating range of jewellery with the use of highly articulated metal work, rarely coloured gold and, especially, an infusion of rare coloured gemstones and glowing enamel. The trick in this trade is to find fairly rare but not terribly expensive gemstones. We must strike a balance between price and desirable materials, said Keith Houfek, director of sales at the .pany. He further noted that one-of-a-kind design is not necessarily expensive. Our focus is to offer unique, wearable jewellery ranging in price mainly from US$3,000 to US$5,000 per piece. We even have one-of-a-kind pieces priced at a few hundred US dollars, depending on the materials used. Today, there are not that many customers who buy a necklace with a price tag of US$100, 000, he explained. Having gained the status and recognition in the US market it has worked towards since 2004, Arunashi recently started venturing into other markets that offer opportunities for growth. As penetration of the US market will be very difficult in the next several years, we intend to foray into other strong markets to tap their potential. Hence, in 2009, we exhibited for the first time at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair. Its the starting point for us to tap into the Asian market. Our next move is to exhibit at Basel World 2010, he said. Whether in Asia or in Europe, Mr Houfek is confident that the .pany’s products will be well received. The way to escape the turbulence of the economic cycle is to .pete on uniqueness of products. One-of-a-kind, wearable pieces always have a special appeal to those who wish to reflect their unique temperaments, he believes. ————————————- If you are interesting in jewelry design , jewelry master models , jewelry wax model , tapper bugget jewelry , jewelry making or looking for China jewelry models maker manufacturer , you can visit the jewelry stores online , click here: Jewelry Design and Master Models Maker If you are interesting in fashion jewelry, 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry , Brass jewelry , 316L Stainless Steel Jewelry , Fashion Crystal Jewelry , Zinc Alloy Jewelry , or you are looking for China Jewelry Wholesale , shenzhen jewelry , Fine jewelry , you can visit the jewelry stores online , click here: jewelry-wholesale-china 相关的主题文章: