Java Smart Cards Provides Portability And

Computers-and-Technology Java is known as a programming language that quiet efficiently runs on many computers and it runs even in some mobile phones too. One must not confuse this program with the JavaScript as that is a scripting language that is commonly used by the web browsers. Java can be considered as an important part of the computer programming. It allows the user to chat with various other online users from across the world. It also helps in playing lots of online games and even view images in 3D version. Java is known to be quiet versatile, safe and even efficient. It is estimated that more than 6.5 million people use Java program. Java is quiet efficient to provide power to more than 4.5 billion devices. The various examples include 800 million personal computers, 3.5 billion smart cards, lottery devices and parking payment systems. Java has introduced the java smart cards technology that allows encoding the smart cards as it enables to carry the personal information like private keys, passwords, medical emergency information and a lot more. These information that are provided can be personalized in the form of credit cards, ATM cards, loyalty cards, digital purses, wallets, health cards, citizen IDs and even safe digital signatures. The common categories that come under the Java Cards program usage are as below- 1. Subscriber Identity Module Cards- They are also known as SIM cards and they are generally used in mobile phones that are available on the wireless networks. 2. Banking cards are used for online and offline transactions 3. Government and healthcare identity cards are used for logical and physical access to initiate the resources 4. Smart tickets are used for mass transfer of resources Java cards technology is specifically designed to offer portability and security in the low resource environments. This technology allows the java applets to get the smallest java code that are specifically targeted for the embedded devices. These embedded devices are used to run securely on the smart cards and even on small memory footprint devices. When one has the java card then one has the ability to program the device and even make the application specific according to their requirements. There are even contact less java smart cards products where the developers are able to create new waves of smart card applications as it will be beneficial for the smart card technology. Java has become quiet useful for the developers as they have the java card applications that have all the advantages along with the programming language. It offers- 1. Greater code modularity and re-usability which would lead to higher programmer productivity with object oriented programming 2. Security and protection features 3. Easily available java development tools Majority of smart card technology people are licensed to use the java card technology. So have you started using the java card as yet? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: