Japan plans to introduce a large number of overseas workers will increase exponentially hyuna

Japan plans to introduce a large number of overseas workers will increase exponentially in Huitong news network September 16th – special adviser to the Liberal Democratic Party MP and Prime Minister Shibashiyama Masahiko, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo’s (Masahiko Shibayama) on Friday (September 16th) in Singapore said in an interview that the Japanese authorities are considering a series of new policies, may allow workers in Japan, doubling the number of foreign workers. The government is likely to adopt a series of other policies to boost the economy in the next few years, which is an important part of the labor force, he said. Although it is not likely that the Japanese government has set the goal of being more open to immigration, the increasing number of foreign workers is inevitable in the context of the globalization of the labour market. Therefore, it is necessary for Japan to build a sustainable system to receive more and more foreign workers. Immigration has often been raised to deal with Japan’s aging population and social population, low birth rate and other social problems. Despite the introduction of more and more the idea of immigration has not yet settled, all has not seriously consider the potential impact of such a large increase in the number of immigrants brought a relatively closed society of Japan, but the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo has vowed to stop Japan claimed that by the population fell to 127 million below the 100 million mark. The day before, in an interview Thursday, former Japanese Vice Finance Minister, Andouble adviser Nishimura Yasuminori (Yasutoshi Nishimura) said the government plans a bill passed in the autumn of this year, the bill would expand the foreigners "practice" system work authority, at present, the system only allows workers to enter in the limited time inside, and said the Japanese government is considering a new visa for the shortage of labor industry category. For a long time there are about 190 thousand foreigners in Japan, the "practice" system, and said the new law will allow the village, these people stay in Japan for years from the current three years to five years. It will also allow companies to set up a much larger "Internship" system that allows them to work in a wider range of industries. However, the management people engaged in agriculture and textile industry workers will still be criticized, and the supervision system will also be improved. No doubt about importing from India and Vietnam’s technology industry workers, had also been rampant in Japan, the country from all walks of life also discussed for the rapid development of the tourism industry workers in the country to establish a new type of visa. In this regard, Chai Shan said that the rapid development of the tourism industry involving foreign tourists, help to change the attitude of people from other countries. The mountain also said that Japan is receiving a large number of foreign tourists, I think the Japanese to introduce many foreign immigrants, the situation does not mean that the suspect. Therefore, the current situation of Japan’s labor shortage will gradually change. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: