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Arts-and-Entertainment Older doctors are staying on the job longer because of the shortage of primary doctors. Of the approximately 270,000 U.S. primary doctors, 4,500 are over age 75. In 2009 fewer than 20% of medical graduates wanted to be primary doctors. Eighty percent chose specialty practice to make more money and have more free time. According to 2008 statistics, the median wage was $190,000 for primary doctors, $345,000 for dermatologists and 450,000 for orthopedic surgeons. Fifty years ago 50% of U.S. doctors were primary doctors. Today it’s less than 33% and Americans are paying with their health for the lack of health care. Because people stopped paying for Kodachrome film, Eastman Kodak stopped making it in June 2009. Kodachrome, known for its realistic colors and durability, was made for 74 years and was the world’s first .mercially successful color film. Now it’s less than 1% of Kodak’s still-picture film sales and only 1 .mercial lab still processes it. Unlike other color films, Kodachrome is black and white when exposed. The 3 primary colors making the spectrum are added during development – not built into the film. Although Kodak continues to make film for still and motion pictures, 70% of its revenue is from digital products – a colorful change. Woolworth’s has changed too. The U.S. chain of Woolworth stores closed in 1977. The 807-store, British subsidiary started opening stores in 1909. When it went bankrupt in 2008, "Shop Direct" paid $8-$16 million for the brand name and converted Woolworth’s to an online store. The new Web site, using the distinctive Woolworth red color, carries much of the original Woolworth stock. Although there are no more household and do-it-yourself items, items too big for the stores – like barbecues and swimming pools – have been added. Now British shoppers wait to see what Woolworth’s has in store for its future. The future looks good for Wal-Mart. Customers are spending 40% more. To keep these customers the world’s largest retailer is remodeling 600 of its 3600 stores in fiscal year 2009, providing wider aisles, better lighting and improved site lines. More brand names and expanded electronic areas are being added. Wal-Mart has more than 140 million customers weekly, its 2008 sales exceeded $400 billion, but groceries still account for half of sales. To cut the cost of Angus ribeye steak Wal-Mart had to cut its own costs. Using smaller straws in the cafe saves $52,000 yearly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: