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Writing-and-Speaking Remember the Minty Boost, the DIY battery-powered USB charger for your portable devices that fit neatly in an Altoids tin? It was a decent fix for those constantly failing early iPod batteries, but that 2006 incarnation has had to be updated several times to keep up with the changing architectures of a certain very closed-sourced company’s products. Minty Boost recently received yet another DIY update to make it functional with iPhone 3GS. Even better, that update comes with a video showing exactly how to reverse engineer an iPhone Charger and create your own backup battery pack. Essentially, Minty Boost was able to provide the 500 milliamps that older versions of the iPhone required to charge, but the 3GS seemed to want more: a full amp of juice, more than two AA batteries could provide. But then the Minty Boost folks discovered a commercial third-party charger that evidently had found the key to that problem. So, as you’ll see in the video below, they busted one open and put the tools to it. As it turns out, there is a way to tweak the voltage/resistance values to make the 3GS only pull 500 milliamps from the charger pack, which is just the way Minty Boost likes it. Check the video below, or for more info/instructions go straight to the source. As cool as the iphone is, it still needs Iphone Accessories and has to charge like a normal phone. That means plugging it in to a computer or power outlet, complete with the tangled wires and 30-pin connection. If you are looking for something better, you probably noted that the Palm Pre has the touchstone, a wireless charging option that uses inductive charging. The iPhone doesnt have a stock solution for this, but clever accessory makers have been able to work it into iPhone cases. The Airvolt Wireless Charger is an inductive charging kit for the iphone 3G and and 3GS (sorry, no iphone 4G). The $49.99 kit consists of a case for the handset, a charging tray, and an AC adapter. The charger is exclusively available from ThinkGeek.com. The best part about the Airvolt is its simplicity (OK, charging without wires cant be that simple but for the user it is). You put your iPhone in the case and you then put the handset on the tray. If the tray is connected to a wall outlet your phone will start charging. Thats it! There is also a USB port for powering/charging USB devices. I was able to plug my iPhone into this port and charge it using the USB-to-30-pin wire. The only other feature on the black plastic tray is an LED indicator that flashes red when the tray has power, red/green alternatively to indicate the phone is charging, and steady green when the charging is complete. The Airvolts packaging says that a charge should take the same time as when using a standard charger which has not been my experience with inductive chargers in the past, but it would be great to see. The Airvolt automatically powers off so you dont have to worry about your phone overcharging. The instructions say to unplug the Airvolt when its not being used for more than 8 hours but that might just be standard legal boilerplate. Topons, online marketplace, offers the most latest iphone charger including iPhone 4G Charger at the most reasonable and alluring price. Source by .blog.topons../index.php/2010/08/iphone-charger-iphone%e2%80%99s-golden-assistant/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: