Internet medical regulation can not be too far behind the technology doat

The Internet is not too much medical supervision lags behind the technology of Internet is a medical need to walk on two legs, one is supervision technology. Regulation is lagging behind the technology, it seems that the policy of easing the emerging industries, in essence, is not conducive to faster and better development of Internet health care. Currently, the Internet has quietly changed medical formats, and presents a huge business opportunities. Alibaba and Tencent as the representative of the Internet manufacturers continue to test the next line with the hospital to test the application of water; mobile medical applications are also favored by the capital markets. Internet for the hospital wings, will change the traditional way of medical treatment. But the future is not a bright, including a series of policies, including electronic prescriptions, which is not clear, so that the depth of integration of the Internet and medical still uncertain. Only this year, nearly 40 home health care Internet Co went bankrupt, rain doctors, Lilac Garden, apricot trees and other well-known applications also began a strategic transformation. Internet hospitals, online registration, online payment, remote consultation, mobile medical applications, wearable medical products, etc., are increasingly mature Internet technology embodied. Internet technology and the depth of integration of traditional medicine, has made blood sugar, blood pressure, ECG and other medical information can be collected at any time, remote precision guidance like a doctor in front of. A few days ago, "a world medical consultation between Tiangong two and the ground, highlight the progress of medical technology and the maturity of the internet. But regulatory initiatives and operating rules, but far behind technology. For example, although the remote diagnosis has the realization of technology, but the online electronic prescription of how to identify and manage, it is a headache, "prescription come from a troubled Internet, treatment is not complete, the net sales of prescription drugs can not become a reality; because of the lag of medical personnel management," the doctor "has become the problems to be solved. The hospital where the medical insurance fund; pay rules does not adapt to the Internet, mobile payment insurance is difficult to spread," development costs come from restricted Internet Hospital; patient’s medical card information can be completely contained, the doctor does not need to take the medical records, and when the hospital launched different treatment cards, but faces are not compatible with each other embarrassing; when an Internet after the completion of the hospital, but found only for consultation, diagnosis and treatment can not be carried out, etc.. The Internet is a medical need to walk on two legs, one is the supervision technology. Technology is the foundation, there is no technology, equivalent to the quality and speed of the vehicle, the Internet will not be able to talk about health care; regulation is guaranteed, the lack of strong regulation, as if the lack of traffic rules. At present, the rapid development of the Internet technology of medical care, but the regulation has not adapted to it, showing a single leg walking posture. Walking alone, not only can not go out of the bright future of Internet health care, but there are risks such as abuse of technology. Illegal sale of prescription drugs online, without the qualification of micro plastic surgery parasitic in WeChat, the number of traffickers to use online registration vulnerability to seize the source, etc., not because the technology has been basically mature, but due to regulatory lag. Regulation has left behind too far, must catch up with the technology, the Internet Medical square can racing together bridle to bridle, steady zhiyuan.相关的主题文章: