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In the Warring States period foot bane referee enforcement candidates repeatedly questioned not preparing for the National Football Sports Coaching – Sohu Uzbekistan Gao Hongbo thought looking solemn country foot home court loss to Syria, the bad, the worse the process. Thus, a variety of scripts overwhelming, sarcasm, ridicule, questioning…… However, the piece is just a piece, China soccer team, but there is only one way. Only to spell out the bloody, the Orangemen to re name for yourself. Yesterday, the "high military" from Xi’an on a charter flight arrived in Tashkent, the day after tomorrow night, the battle of Uzbekistan. Because the last round of home court 0 to 1 loss to Syria, the Orangemen of this are quite low-key, but it is understood that there are still more than more than 1 thousand fans and the expedition to Tashkent, the Orangemen "never abandon". Gao Hongbo is not the class lost to Syria, the Paibingbuzhen Gao Hongbo was questioned, then, about the topic mentioned repeatedly huanshuai. Coaching? It’s a bit premature to talk about it now." After the war, the Chinese Football Association vice president Yu Hongchen said. To be honest, in the match against Syria, Gao Hongbo is hesitant tactics, before repeatedly replacing the list of players, while making a smokescreen for the game, but also to make trouble side. Coupled with the environment is too closed, directly to the players caused a psychological tension. In addition, in terms of tactics, offensive and defensive out of line, as the team coach, Gao Hongbo naturally responsible for this. However, Gao Hongbo should immediately class? Certainly not. First of all, from the ability to say, Gao Hongbo Paibingbuzhen and command against the South Korean team and the Iran team, still have the originality. Secondly, from the time the node, from the next game only 4 days, but also Huanshuai impossible! National standards for the selection of candidates questioned why it must be Ren hang? Why does it have to be super? Why don’t you choose Wang Dalei? Why don’t you choose Zheng Zhi? After the war in Syria, a variety of brick home have to speak, questioning the national standards for selection. 12 rounds of the first round of the race to play for up to 270 minutes. Because the club and contradictions in the transfer and renewal issues, he has nearly three months did not participate in the league, but still in the national team in the first. Even Hao Haidong also bluntly: let the boat out of the race is simply a joke!" In addition, the war in South Korea before, a former national team goalkeeper Wang Dalei and substitute Yan Junling election squad. In the home game against Iran, had unfortunately injured retreat, Gao Hongbo did not choose to experience the wisdom of Yang, but in the crucial game to exercise new. The results of the war in Syria, Gu Chao fatal error. However, after the Zhu Geliang who will do this thing, who would dare say that they must choose the most right? The original opinion that Zheng Zhi is the best candidate for national football defender, but against South Korea, not the same accident gave opponents a Oolong? The battle is worth mentioning. The referee law enforcement level, the Orangemen away game against Uzbekistan, by Sri Lankan referee Parreira Zhang shao. This gentleman has quite a lot of Chinese football, he had more than the law enforcement team.相关的主题文章: