In the $88888888.88 buy in Sydney foreign media only to win the prize (video)-3edyy

In the $88888888.88 buy in Sydney foreign media: only to win the prize at home can not afford to buy a house, to go abroad to buy it? Original title: in the $88888888.88 buy in Sydney foreign media: just to discuss the luck Reference News Network September 29 news media said, buy a house, buyers always bargain as far as possible, all the world. Chinese people to buy a house in Australia is not. A house in Sydney, Australia 88888888.88 Australian dollars turnover, because Chinese buyers love "hair" caitou. According to the BBC Chinese network reported on September 29th, the buyer may really need the luck, just because Sydney is listed as one of the world’s major housing bubble risk. UBS UBS announced the global housing bubble ranking, Sydney as Vancouver, London and Stockholm, the fourth largest real estate bubble in the housing market. The $eighty-eight million turnover of real estate is located in Sydney Central Business District of Kent Street No. 333, panoramic view of Sydney port. Reported that thanks to the street brand is not 444, for the Chinese people that is a big shot. China’s real estate group plans to turn it into a residential and hotel. Handled the transaction Sydney Real Estate Company Coliers International said to BBC, China buyers reflect the number 8 in the bid, has more than once. According to UBS report, the Sydney housing market since a few years ago to become the target of Chinese investors, has been overheating". Reported that Sydney’s housing prices peaked in the second half of 2015, after a slight decline. However, overseas investors to the Sydney commercial housing value "has tripled in the past three years". In Sydney, Munich, Hongkong and San Francisco, the other major housing bubble, according to ubs. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: