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In addition to Transformers which robot is the child’s favorite? Engage in zero distance: in addition to Transformers which robot is the child’s favorite? Tencent digital hearing (Yokii) as the saying goes, children and women’s money is the best earned, smart products also think so. So, in recent years is intelligent robot companion much, some of them are large and walking routes, and can also help learning initiative and dialogue, but at the same time, the price is also high to die, even a few tens of thousands of. In addition, some of the cheaper to try to streamline the function of a little, and some will only chat, and some will only dance, some focus on the appearance of a beautiful story machine. The richer the product, the bigger the parent is, and what functions are really useful and popular with children? This problem, the old guys we have bid farewell to the youth who have not said, let people have to choose their own children. So, today we will engage in zero distance for 5 at the age of 3-7 years old children, after 20 minutes to explain in detail the individual freedom and the 20 minute experience, let the children themselves have chosen their most love products. At the same time, we also interviewed five parents, their choice is the same as the children? Look at the video bar ~ recommendation: attention to the number of Tencent WeChat official number (ID:qqdigi), take you to play all kinds of cool new products, cutting-edge information, first-hand evaluation, video engage machine, fun to play live, as well as a variety of novelty play. IPhone 7 value is not worth buying? How to use a cell phone to shoot VR? Drones can cut fingers? Why do cats have to be poor? The answers are all here.相关的主题文章: