IDC half of the Samsung note 7 users back to Apple-sexhu

IDC: back, Samsung Note 7 users to switch to apple half Tencent digital news although Samsung has officially discontinued in the "explosion door" effect of Galaxy Note 7, but this did not prevent a variety of on Galaxy Note 7 news continues to appear. Samsung said in the official will be on product quality plan implementation of major changes after the upgrade, there is a company called BayStreet agency has investigated said about 70% Galaxy Note 7 users said they would continue to use Samsung products. But now, according to another survey results from the famous market analysis agency IDC, and the conclusions of the previous BayStreet seems to have a lot of difference. According to the IDC report, the survey conducted in October 17th and on the 18 day, also is the Samsung official Galaxy Note 7 officially discontinued after four days, IDC through the online way of 1082 U.S. consumers surveyed. The survey focused on three different types of users, including 507 who is using the Samsung mobile phone users, 347 users have used Samsung smart mobile phone and 228 never used the Samsung smart mobile phone consumers. But according to the survey scope, all the targets used in Galaxy Note 7 users only 24, so the results of this survey does not completely cover the target and conclusion, just a smaller range of directional survey. In the 24 Galaxy Note 7 users, half of whom said in return Galaxy Note since 7 have chosen the apple iPhone, and another 17% of people said they would choose other models of samsung. While most of the Galaxy Note 7 users are selected by the operator or the store to return his Galaxy Note 7. Although the recall of Galaxy Note 7 Samsung caused considerable losses, but many consumers have not received the impact of the incident. Only a few Samsung users in the future will no longer choose Samsung’s smart phones, but Samsung still need to find ways to win the trust of consumers. For now, Samsung has provided a number of incentives, but the core of the problem is that consumers need to understand the root causes of the explosion of Galaxy Note 7 and Samsung attitude to solve the problem." IDC wearable devices and mobile division experienced Ramon Llamas said. At the same time, Galaxy Note 7 recall did not affect the sale of Samsung’s other product lines, many respondents said, Galaxy Note 7 explosion does not affect the purchase of Samsung’s TV and home appliances and other products. There are even a lot of people for Samsung’s recall given a neutral or positive evaluation, and even 13% of respondents had never heard of the recall of Galaxy Note 7. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall will become a major event in the history of the development of smart phones, although.相关的主题文章: