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Hui ang listed, low-key luxury for the public to support Shanghai handsome flag? – Sohu automotive |AutoR wisdom driving Zhang Xin Shanghai Volkswagen positioning in the executive car market, the use of public MLB platform to build, the same as the Audi A6, which makes a lot of consumers expect. At the same time, as the Volkswagen brand new flagship sedan Phaeton discontinued, Hui ang since the birth of the beginning, it won wide attention. Hui ang opponent, will be the executive market, BBA three giants – BMW, Mercedes Benz E class and Audi A6. Therefore, the prospects of the market has become the focus of attention. * evaluation of images from phideon official for Hui ang, vice president of SAIC Volkswagen Sales Holger · ter once said: "the big city in China, showing off the nouveau riche is no longer popular, Hui ang go is popular but not extravagant luxury route". Thus, the location of the public is still a bright high low-key luxury, it’s locked in the user base in the pursuit of luxury but do not want to publicize the body of consumers. * the picture from the phideon official in the public system in Hui ang Passat, so it has more wide body and space travel. Hui ang dimensions were 5074 mm, 1893 mm, 1489 mm, wheelbase 3009 mm, even more than the phaeton. In the luxurious configuration, Hui ang also strongly reflect the sense of luxury, Nappa senior leather, hundred years olive ash wood panel, electric suction door, massage chair, four zone automatic air conditioning, audio and other customized Dynaudio in Denmark have appeared in the Hui ang configuration list. It can be said that competitors have luxury selling points, Hui ang compared with the inferior, worthy of the identity of the flagship car. However, concerns were most worried about is still remains a popular family ang Hui features strong, very pure "popular design gene" and it is very much like the passat. This is likely to become an obstacle for Hui ang win customers, low-key to low level and location of products like, a considerable number of consumers is very sad heart of this ridge, before the Phaeton has the problem. *3.0T V6 supercharged engine in terms of power configuration, offers two engines. Among them, the 2.0TSI turbocharged engine models have a maximum power of 165 kilowatts, the maximum torque of 350 nm; 3.0T version of the model is equipped with a V6 supercharged engine, maximum power of 220 kilowatts, the maximum torque to 440 nm. These two engines are in line with the administrative level of market demand, the main models of the 2.0TSI engine market already has a very deep base, excellent reputation, with models to fit the main power, luxury positioning. The two with high and low levels, well to meet the different needs of the executive market for dynamic configuration. * phideon official pictures from the Hui ang is specially developed for China market products, the future will be for the China market. At present, China has become a r相关的主题文章: