Hu Yinhong Ye Guangcen a Beijing fan children aunt

Hu Yinhong Ye Guangcen: a Beijing aunt "fan" "a writer no matter what to write, the spirit of the space and the mind will always naturally in his works." Deputy director of the general office of China Writers Association Hu Yinhong in an interview with reporters said that the Beijing people sincerely in Ye Guangcen who is particularly prominent. Her body from the inside out of the sincere and calm that is a real good writer inner things. Hu Yinhong because of "picking mulberries" and Ye Guangcen become attached. Hu Yinhong recalled that 20 years ago, the acquisition of mulberry son was nominated for the sixth Mao Dun prize in literature, she was a reporter for the first time in the literature and Art Interview with the reporter, the first time, the first time, the first time, the first time, the first time, the first time. About Ye Guangcen’s Beijing aunt "style", Hu Yinhong smiled and hear about an interview with Ye Guangcen anecdotes. Ye Guangcen a little love baked sweet potato, see can not eat non. At that time, Ye Guangcen as Deputy Secretary of the county committee in a county or county, no city to sell potatoes do not know Ye Guangcen. Deputy director of the county Party committee, said: Deputy Secretary, you have what you want to say to us, we go to do. Ye Guangcen realized that the effect is not good, second days to see roasted sweet potatoes, bought the bosom to run the office. When the car with Ye Guangcen attachment, but a yuan of money over county is her favorite tricycle transport. Sit round a cheongsam, eating sweet potato. In the view of Hu Yinhong, Ye Guangcen of the Beijing Gu "muddy hesitate to show the most incisive. At the same time, the proportion of Beijing we handle particularly good sense. Hu Yinhong’s heart, Ye Guangcen is "picking mulberries in" Yaya, kind and true. Hu Yinhong bluntly, the old Beijing people’s "polite" has a prominent expression in Ye Guangcen, not her great lady fan children generally end: she never lift is sideways concessions, right hand, be courteous to others. A seat, she never first, never late. Chat with friends, she must look at each other, never interrupt. These develop from "Emma" era rules, let Ye Guangcen exudes a unique style and flavor. "Warm" is the most intuitive evaluation for Hu Yinhong Ye Guangqin Beijing flavor literature. "Compared to other writer Ye Guangcen Beijing, Beijing flavour literature more people warm. The current Beijing flavor literature wrote much of Beijing as a metropolis of cruelty and tension, there are too many disappointments, lost a memory space." Hu Yinhong meet old classmates to find a passage through the old alley, but has long been missing. In Ye Guangcen’s Beijing literature, made a full of memories of the old Beijing. Ye Guangcen’s new book, "the weather last year, the old Pavilion of the old Beijing" through history, customs, human records show Ye Guangcen in the memory of the old Beijing style for the contemporary people in Beijing. Hu Yinhong said, "Ye Guangcen’s" old Pavilion "weather last year, suffering and suffering brought in color. She recalled the past life, not only the memory of history, more realistic." Beijing flavor literature is fusion era and regional. Hu Yinhong said, "Qingmuchuan" is Ye Guangcen in her hometown of Shaanxi second rural background novels. No matter is the Shaanxi taste or flavor, no matter.相关的主题文章: