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Hsu Chi married the first show is "delicacy beauty + twelve Feng taste" Intro: "Twelve Feng taste" the start of the third season, high force mode return in the first quarter so amazing, just married Hsu Chi as the first guest is to become a hot focus, delicacy beauty and beauty, not to mention you don’t move! (source: PClady) Dongyu Zhou Hsu Chi "Twelve Feng taste" in Nicholas Tse with friends all over the world is definitely a variety of cooking delicacy a stream, who knows the second season directly with a star to the countryside opened the farmhouse mode! Fortunately, the third quarter and finally returned to the high force lattice exquisite style, with a big congregation friend started the trip, which have invited new Jin wife Hsu Chi, beauty and delicacy of beauty, this is the right way to open! "Twelve Feng taste" about two people fate in Xie should begin from the first film, and is also the goddess of Shu screen kiss oh! Opening a bowl of oil from surface made by Hsu Chi himself, two people sit on the train bound for Yilan to pull Samsung with specialty! Also eat a full of childhood memories of the train lunch, Hsu Chi hair shawl wearing a white peaked cap dressed simple and comfortable, and the small Taiwan dramas agree without prior without previous consultation. Hsu Chi married Shu goddess yiyanbuge himself married, not only wear sports shoes to take pictures, even the wedding is two years before the brand, not all kinds of routine style simple wedding warm and romantic love, marry small sweet more people moved. She was dressed up in the wedding dress is full of young girls, fluffy hair and then on the side of the clip, the lens before the shy sweet smile is to do the best of the public! Dongyu Zhou in the program also go to the small kitchen in Dongyu Zhou, "we love it" to cook six uncle also called remembered, was in the kitchen busy rush, but full of collagen so cute, who are not willing to scold. That girl has to take a sense of female star, is Dongyu Zhou, especially after the cut Lob up up is more stylish, loose curl hair Cute and lovely. Dongyu Zhou Dongyu Zhou looks at the snake network is absolutely clean face, after all, is designed by the chosen people! A small smile and swelling of Apple muscle people are hard to love, moist toot lip makeup look good glass easily. Pay attention to the girl’s sense of the hair all rely on blowing, drum comb + hair dryer will be able to blow out the natural micro curly hair, and then finalize the finalized product on the spray. Dongyu Zhou simple Lob can deduce a variety of shapes, half tie hair then Liu Haisong loose braids, fluffy hair is all neat many, refreshing eye makeup is more suitable for girls in two, a thin liner coupled with a single cluster of false eyelashes to let Dongyu Zhou in the sense of being a little girl a woman, a white skin on the red skirt is more tender. 1 Lin Yun in the program list, as well as the star girl Lin Yi, although the topic has been controversial, but her innocent and pure appearance coupled with naive behavior and expression, but also very adorable adorable stay. Pink eye makeup collocation fog sense powder lip, plus dimples is going to melt, high beam ponytail is not generally green!相关的主题文章: