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Home-and-Family So your installer has selected the right aerial for you from the available aerials for Freeview. You’ve got your digital Freeview TV set up and connected to your Freeview aerial. You sit down on the sofa, snuggle up to your partner and enjoy your favourite programmes. Can you Always Watch the Freeview TV you Want? When it’s time for the news, your partner wants to watch the new drama that’s starting on another channel, or perhaps there’s a really crucial football match that shouldn’t be missed by just one of you. It’s okay. You can go to bed early and watch whatever you want on the TV in your bedroom. But actually, you can’t do that if you can’t get Freeview TV on that set. What about when your living room is crowded with your son’s teenage friends watching the reality TV series you hate, and joining in with the shouts and jeers from the crowds on screen? Wouldn’t you be happier if they were in another room altogether, so you could watch the Freeview channels you wanted in peace? Did you Have a Multi-room System Installed With Your Freeview Aerial? Unfortunately, unless your installers set up a multi-room system for your Freeview reception, with additional set top boxes for independent channel control where needed, your other TV sets still won’t give you free view from your aerials for Freeview. The best way to get the multi-room TV system you want is to have an experienced Freeview aerial installer design and install it for you from the word go. Get an Affordable Freeview Multi-room System Added But if that didn’t happen, all is not lost. There are a number of methods of connecting extra TV sets to aerials for Freeview. The simplest way is to add extra TV points and connect them to a central box in your loft, which is connected in turn to your free view aerial. You will also need a Freeview reception box for each TV set does not have Freeview built in. These cost from only £20 a box. A reputable aerial Freeview installer will provide all this separately from the original installation, and you will be able to watch your own selection of Freeview channels wherever you have a television connected in your home. And with a digital Freeview aerial you will have a high quality of television picture all over your house. Watching TV from your bed will be a luxury you can enjoy whenever you like! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: