How to use picture books with children maternal Mid Autumn Festival – Sohu

How to use picture books to children over the Mid Autumn Festival – Mid Autumn Festival mother Chang Xiaowu Sohu is one of the most important traditional festival Chinese, if there are cognitive ability is not too strong a baby, parents how to live can not put into a simple "Mid Autumn Festival moon cake festival"? "Universal" picture book would give us ready the starting point. Let’s look at it. "Hou Yi" "" Moon "rabbit" "cutting GUI Wu Gang" and "Diao Chan worship""…… Estimated that our traditional festivals, in addition to the Spring Festival, allusions, poetry, most of the mid autumn festival. So many allusions with the children from where? Squandering charming eyes, sometimes say too much but easily confused. So from the first or changebenyue story begins. Before talking about the story for a long time, there are ten suns in the sky. They burn the land to smoke, the crops scorched, people can not live hot. A personal name is yi. His strength is very big, can pull the million pound treasure bow, shoot the serpent and the beast. See Yi people too poor, with full strength bow and arrow, a shot down nine of the suns. The last sun scared to recognize a mistake, Yi only leave it, let it do good for people but. From then on Yi became everybody’s hero, his name was known all over the world. Chang Yi married girl wife, they are deeply attached to each other, live a happy life. Beautiful, hard-working, kind-hearted. She used to hunt wild animals among the Yi villagers. One day, Yi mountain hunting, met a monk. Taoist Yi said: "you people has made a contribution. I send you a god medicine, if you eat half a bag, will eat ever-young; if all, will be immortal heaven." The God of Yi medicine to take home, tell the goddess of the moon: "you keep this bag of medicine. We find an auspicious occasion, ate it together. In this way, we can never separate couples ever-young. Yi was shot down nine of the sun’s hero, many people came to him to learn Wu Yi. There was a man in his land called the man who was a bad guy." Feng Meng Yi know Home hidden in the God of medicine, he secretly a bad idea. This year in August fifteen, the disciples went out hunting with yi. One evening, Feng Meng sneaked back into Yi home, forcing Chang Er surrender medicine god. Chang Yi shouted for help, but hunting has not come back around and no other people. The anxious, thought: "don’t let the shameless grab Feng Meng God of medicine." She opened the package, took them all into his mouth. Suddenly, Chang’s body became as light as a feather, and she flew out of the window and flew to the sky. The sky boundless, poor Chang ah, I do not know where to fly on the moon may be able to see their loved ones? Slowly, Chang Er flew to the moon, and resides in. Yi Home heard about it, and quickly after go out, but it was too late! I saw the round moon, the shadow of the goddess. Folks comforted him and said, "Chang Er will come back, and so on." Fifteen August second, Yi Chang took to eat fruit, but also!相关的主题文章: