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Book-Marketing The initial outlay of cash when you are self-publishing can feel overwhelming. All those doubts begin to sneak in. "What if I do not sell enough books to cover my costs?" is a common fear. This is a reasonable fear if you are self publishing for the first time which is why we have provided three great money saving tips, you know, just to get you on solid ground before your book begins to make millions. Money Saving Tip #1 Sell your printed book as an e-book too . Many people prefer e-books and they cost absolutely nothing to produce. If you make your book available both in print and as an e-book, you are giving your reader the option. And, you can offer the e-book at a slightly lower cost than the printed version to encourage sales. This saves you print on demand costs, which can be quite high. Money Saving Tip #2 Do the editing yourself, and invite family to help . Hiring an editor can be an extra cost you don’t want to incur. If you are confident of your editing skills, and the skills of your friends, family, and associates, then this is a reasonable area to cut costs. However, make sure you have enough people read and edit your book before it is typeset because any changes that will have to be made after your book is typeset will be extremely costly. Money Saving Tip #3 Partner with a relevant business or organization to help cover the costs . This is a fantastic way to cut your costs. Here’s how it works. Approach a company or organization that is relevant to your book. For example, if you are a home organizer and your book is about cost effective storage solutions you could approach an office supply store or a container type store. Here is your pitch. Ask them if they want to place an advance order, which you will give to them at a great discount and they can then sell at any price they choose. In exchange for the advance sale you will include their name and website in your book. You can include their name however you decide is most appropriate. Their advance order will help pay for your printing costs. It is a win-win situation! For more information on this strategy read How To Self Publish A Book For Free. Writing and publishing your book does not have to be expensive. There are many options for a self publisher from PQN or print quality needed to POD or print on demand and traditional press printing, each has their own merits and costs. However, if you take a few cost savings steps before you get to the actual printing, you can save a lot of money. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: