How To Make Video Conference Equipment Cost

UnCategorized I have just acquired some video conference equipment for individual use. I had this idea that it was going to require a lot of .plicated equipment and education to learn how to use it. I work from home and am going to have to participate in weekly meetings. So, I got a new .puter and a headset to plug into it. That was it. Now, mind you there is a built in web cam in my monitor. That is about the only difference I can tell from my old .puter to my new one. I was lucky. The .pany had someone for installing the video conference equipment, which consists of my .puter and its software. Now, I have to learn how to use it. I have to log into the website we hold the conference on and sign in for the meeting. That is about it. We are going to have our first meeting in a few weeks. It is just a matter of getting all the new video conference equipment to everyone. Not everyone has to upgrade their .puters, but most of us do. Though, a couple of the sales guys are going to be using their cell phones to participate, yet they don’t need .puters at all. I am going to love being able to avoid the drive to our main office. It is almost two hours far away for me. I used to lose the whole day just to be part of the weekly meetings. Not to mention the cost to get there. Also the office is too small to hold all of use. The .pany was looking at renting a conference room once a week. It would cost more in a year to do that then cost of the new .puters. We are not that big of a .pany, and it is more cost effective to purchase and use video conference equipment then to meet in person once a week. I can see how it would be very expensive for a larger .pany to equip all of their employees’ with their own video conference equipment. Some .panies have set up their conference rooms with the equipment. They have found it more cost effective meetings with other offices or business’s instead of meeting in person. A .pany I know of actually uses it for training now. They used to have each department and office hold individual training at each location. Now, they just hire the trainer to go to the main office and have an interactive online class. It is good use of time management to do it this way. A new business has emerged from the usefulness of video conferences, renting equipment needed for video conferences. Not all .panies can afford the equipment needed for video conferences. Also, it may not be cost effective for some .panies to purchase the equipment if they use in infrequently. As a result, a couple of .panies have started renting the equipment. In some cases, it is simply part of rental cost of a conference room. You can rent the room with the equipment already there. The only limitation is room size and availability of the rooms. Other .panies will bring the equipment to the site of the meeting. Both have options have their pros and cons, but they meet the needs of multiple different businesses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: