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UnCategorized It has been said time and time again by internet marketers everywhere, that in order to build a successful online business you need to have a responsive opt-in email list. The saying "the money is in the list" is true. With that in mind, here are a few steps that you can use to build your very own opt-in email list. Trade Links With Other Web Sites. It would be best if these web sites are related to the subject area of your own web site. This will make the traffic you get more targeted. It will increase your link popularity and move you up in the search engine rankings. You may not want to trade links with your direct .petitors as that could have an effect on your in.e. Have the links you give point to your squeeze page or a page that has the ability to sign up new subscribers. Join Forums And Chat Rooms These forums and chat rooms should revolve around your niche subject area. You will be able to add a signature file to them. In the signature file you are allowed to point to your squeeze page or a page that has the ability to sign up new subscribers. While in the forum or chat room ask questions, post answers to other people’s questions, and post appropriate information that would not be considered as spam. Spamming on any front is wrong. Write Articles After writing your articles, submit them to the numerous article directories and e-zines online. At the end of each of your articles include your web page address and/or squeeze page address in the resource box you are allowed. Promote A Free Give-a-way Freebies such as an e-books or programs are a great way to get people to join your opt-in email list. Just remember to leave a link pointing back to your squeeze page. Allow your visitors to also give the item away. By doing this you will increase exposure to your web site or squeeze page at the same time. Offer To Exchange Ads With Other Free E-zine Publishers Exchanging ads with other e-zine publisher who have a subscriber base similar to your own is another good way to get subscribers. You can also try purchasing ad space in large e-zines. Don’t try to sell something in the ad. Offer them some valuable information or freebie to prompt them into visiting your web site and joining your list. This techniques can gain loads of new subscribers to your opt-in email list. Set Up A Squeeze Page On A domain That Offers Free Web Space Use this site by posting ads on all the free advertising areas on the internet including free classified ad sites, free for all links sites, and free yellow page directories. Point all these ads to the squeeze page you have created. This is a good way to use free for all web sites without hurting your own web pages search engine rankings Create Your Own Blog Set up a blog and add it to ping sites such as ping-o-matic. You will need to update it on a regular basis and then ping it so that it will be sent around the internet. Again, make sure you have place your squeeze page address in your blog. Leave .ments Others Blogs Respond to blogs that are similar in content to your web site. Say something nice about the blogs content. Leave your signature file pointing to your squeeze page and announce your free give-a-way. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: