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UnCategorized You can save or gain thousands of dollars when selling a home with an experienced and professional Realtor. With a knowledgeable, professional Realtor, your next home sale could put thousands of dollars in your pocket. Conditioning prepares the title for easy transfer of title by ensuring that any defects like liens or judgments are not attached to the title. Defects discovered in the title after the close of escrow could result in a lawsuit by the buyer for damages of the unpaid liens and any losses occurred as a result of the cloud on the title; so it’s critical to clear the title of any clouds early in the sale process. Staging invests a little money to bring about quicker sales at a higher market rate with simple upgrades like lightening and brightening, de-cluttering, landscaping, painting, and carpeting. The Home Staging Resource lists the kinds of upgrades you can make and the return possible. Pricing Right calls for wisdom and skill. If you are selling a home in Tampa Bay, Wesley Chapel, Riverview, Land O Lakes, Lutz, Brandon, or Odessa, for example, you need a Realtor who has lived and sold many homes in these areas to be able to determine the best price to sell your home. But be aware that not all experienced Realtors will be ethical about setting a realistic price. Too many Realtors will praise you and your home tell you to list your home with them for a much higher price than it can sell for. But at some point in the listing period, it obvious that your home is not worth that much money and your Realtor will tell you that you need to reduce the price if you want to sell it quickly. Then when your home does not sell after 60 or 90 days, they tell you to lower the price. Then after 60 or 90 days, when you have not sold your home, they will tell you to reduce the price; and of course, you have to reduce it if you want to sell it. Marketing homes effectively does not include putting ads in the local paper or magazines. Today, people are shopping for and touring homes on the web, so a Realtor needs to know how to use the latest technology like virtual tour creation. Not all agents have experience on how to integrate all of these strategies, so it’s very important for you to find one who does through an interview process. When interviewing a Realtor, ask them what strategies they use for marketing a home and how many homes they have sold; that is, how many closed escrow. A Realtor with adequate experience to sell your home will have about four or five years of experience and have sold about fifty homes. And also talk to a few clients, if possible, to find out how satisfied they are with the marketing strategies and honesty of their Realtors. Let’s go back to the subject of marketing. Don’t get too awed over how many listings a Realtor has in Wesley Chapel or Land O lakes, for example, what matters is how many of these listings are getting sold and closed through successful marketing. Another important point to find out from the Realtor is how fast he puts the listing on the web so that as many buyers can find it as possible; or does he keep the listing private for several days hoping to find a buyer on his own so that he does not have to split the .mission with another agent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: