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"I only have one question for my man Vin. …I am doing better than I was before, which is pretty damn good ‘but probably not as good as you guys haha! But now it’s like a major thing trying to tell if the girl is crazy!!! Lol you know? Because I meet a ton of hot girls and most of my crew and just dudes in general are lame and don’t understand this situation so I’m like top dog and most of the time all the girls want me. So then I’ll meet girls and I’ll be sort of into them and then they just act stupid and I’m like ok you’re not on my level but I don’t know how to do this without being mean and burning bridges. I’m from a midsized town outside of Atlanta so you know so it’s like I can’t just be running around with every girl and then cuttin them off but most of em are crazy too – so how to handle this is my question – sorry about the cussin man I’m just bein real hahha" – Justin of Atlanta, GA To Justin, It’s ok man. I cuss too haha. Among men, there’s nothing wrong with a little cussing, and a lot of honesty. In fact, that’s the only place a man can find honesty nowadays is among men. And even that outlet is limited. Men are crazy these days. They are souped up on war – the Xbox version, or the true thing. They are stuck in college, physically or mentally. They are stuck in a hot images, physically or mentally. Are there any REAL MEN left? I say yes. I say it’s the men reading this email. First, let’s clarify NEED, based on what our students tell us, and based on the usual themes in the emails we get. Then we set about meeting that need. I put my most qualified people on that need, and we .e up with a product, using my guidance and our .bined expertise. One thing I’ve noticed among my more experienced clients is the need to screen out "problem women." These are women who .plain A LOT. They always seem to find something wrong with what they are getting, no matter the quality. They also never seem to consider what THEY bring to the table. They never ask themselves, "what if I contributed more," or "am I ready to handle such a great guy?" Most women are in the habit of asking more than they can offer. It’s understandable, as men treat women as if they were queens. Men put women on pedestals. This makes men look past OBVIOUS character flaws because they are blinded by the woman’s physical value. You NEED to be observant of the woman’s character. If you DO NOT DO THIS, you will end up dealing with a lot of crazy women. Let me illustrate why this is such a serious concern for guys like you. When you get good with women, you are more attractive. Nobody is (except the men reading these letters – so maybe 1% of the population, for now) Women are putting on makeup, dresses, paying tons of money, trying desperately to meet Mr. Right. You are BE.ING MR RIGHT as you read these newsletters, FOR FREE. Let me tell you about my experience when everything started falling into place when I first started this pickup stuff. I began attracting women so much that I had a major problem: I had to find out how to reject girls I didn’t want! Approaching women below my level is part of the problem. If you think you have the same problem, you are probably succumbing to fear. Copyright (c) 2010 Vin DiCarlo 相关的主题文章: