How to correctly comment on the work of others while communicating with them-kasey chase

At the same time in the exchange of experience and how to correctly comment on the work of others in the domestic Photography Forum, no matter what kind of photos, we will often see such a reply: poison! De wei! Master! Learn! Beautiful, light and beautiful, clear and delicate, natural colors, exquisite works of friends enjoy learning! Very beautiful, appreciate the works. A very classic group! Appreciated! Good shot! To see such a reply, you will not feel that there is no nutrition, people simply do not have the desire to communicate, not to mention the hope from the exchange to be promoted. So, what kind of photographic criticism is a good and useful photographic criticism? I think a good photo comments can be cut from the following several aspects: first, to provide more abundant information the more abundant photography photography is to provide information, and related information for the author of works, including geographical information, route information, location information and so on. For example, the author was taken A scenic natural scenery, and you just went to the A area, you can author and share your experience, for example, where to go, which route more easily capture the spectacular scenery and so on. For example: This is a photo taken in Hongkong building, Hongkong for more reasons, resulting in Hongkong building density and population density is very high, so there are "cement forest". Photographer Peter Stewart has taken a group of photographic works: "Hong Kong Stacked", is also used in ultra high density buildings to reflect the uniqueness of the city of Hongkong, where there are many classic photography seats, such as Li Decun, their and so on, if the long-term stay in Hongkong, the photographer should be able to provide more interesting locations and these places can provide some reference to the author, if I wanted to shoot again a similar theme, will play a corresponding role. In addition to similar works as well as Daniel Reed indoor photography in Hongkong, he has another side to show the population density of the city. The same theme, different shell, for the author is also a kind of inspiration and thinking. Two, the same share similar so-called photography photography, refers to the share of the same type of photography works and authors, generally share mature photographers, so the author can give some inspiration and inspiration. Do not know if you have such a feeling, after improving our photography level to a certain level, will enter a bottleneck, this time you have to make a conventional sense of "beautiful" works, but works always feel no power, can not find a breakthrough, then you need to learn some masters, give yourself a new direction and power. For example: this photo is a beautiful kingfisher, love take the bird knows, with a long sweeping bird really can give a person a kind of hunting like pleasure, to find the location, long wait, timely attack?相关的主题文章: