How SHARP goldsmith in big – winning technology

How SHARP goldsmith in "big" – winning Sohu technology at present, the mobile phone TV also follow the pattern, quickly entered the "even in the era of the big screen. The first half of the consumer electronics show the label frequently show a "giant screen" concept, to flaunt their own technology and R & D strength. Eleven, the upcoming launch of the new SHARP 70? And 60? Internet TV, equipped with YunOS for TV operating system is also of concern to the living room, master bedroom 70? 60? "The gold collocation redefines the concept, ultimate home audio-visual experience, leading the new direction of consumption upgrade. Efforts to "large profit — demand of high-definition, large screen smart" is the main line of development of 5-10 in the living room tv. In just the end of the golden nine silvers ten hot stage, television has become the focus of the 70? Manufacturers competing for share, but also the living room TV size of the new watershed. The reform and development of Internet content platform based on hardware technology, the concept of "private family cinema" the market has gradually become hot search term, more and more consumers to enjoy the private audio-visual experience at home. This change in consumer demand, but also from the electricity supplier double eleven marketing campaign can be seen. To fit the market demand, Foxconn break the usual mode of production, together with Tmall and Ali big data, the current urgent needs of consumers to convey the demand from the terminal to the upstream, in the double eleven launched during the new SHARP 70? And 60? Internet TV, equipped with YunOS for TV operating system, and to 13999 yuan to buy two a form of promotion, to attract many consumers ordered in advance. The trend of consumer prices before the price of the panel had some experts predict that the market due to the cost of LCD panels, many TV brands to choose the main push 55, so that 4K viewing experience greatly reduced. On the television industry market conditions, the global LCD panel supply shortage situation is more serious, which will cause the LCD panel cost price rising phenomenon. In the impact of rising costs, the overall trend of the TV market prices is a foregone conclusion. Knowledgeable consumers at the current stage of the decisive purchase, rational consumption increases the risk aversion in advance. Big vision content "quality" and "quantity" of the leap with the big screen TV battle intensified, consumers demand for personalized and experiential content of the product is also getting higher and higher. In the home entertainment strategy in line with 10 generations of technology Foxconn, with the Alibaba calculate advantages in Internet technology, big data and cloud consumers, optimize the interactive experience; and with the number of China, Youku, potatoes, Ali entertainment content providers in the content closely together, rich content to watch. This is based on the production of big data Foxconn, Ali consumer data and YunOS all things innovative combination of the Internet, is bringing new wisdom products, can be a big screen ecosystem. Together with all partners to bring more innovative, personalized and rich entertainment experience for the world’s millions of families. Big technology – immersive experience across upgrades panel technology has become a major appliance, Internet companies to seize the customer.相关的主题文章: