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Hongkong Xincheng greet the first large-scale commercial flagship 2 billion main formats of sailing (Figure) – Beijing, Hongkong Xin Jian city and the legendary era studios, Hunan Ming Yi Hotel and Australia Sheng supermarket signed cooperation. Zhang Daozheng photo Beijing, October 9 Tianjin Xinhua (reporter Zhang Daozheng) 9 days, Hongkong Xin Jian city and Beijing dragon pictures’s legendary era studios, Hunan Ming Yi Hotel and Australia Sheng supermarket reached a cooperation intention, and held a signing ceremony. This marks the Hongkong Xin Jian City ushered in the first batch of large main format, it also means that the Tianjin Jinnan district’s first wholesale and retail business platform + base + three-in-one processing base, commercial flagship one-stop experience is ready to set sail. Xin Jian City, Hongkong Xin Jian group is the first project to enter the Tianjin market, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan ($). It is located in the town of Jinnan District, eight miles to the south of Tianjin as the center, radiation, including the entire city of Tianjin and the surrounding consumer groups. Project planning and construction of 400 thousand square meters of large business leaders Mall, the future will be built cultural, entertainment, leisure, dining, entertainment, business, shopping, hotels in one of the chief urban complex in Jinnan. In July this year, Hongkong Xin city built with the big alley in Tianjin, Beijing, Dahongmen, the production base of some of the clothing wholesalers held a signing ceremony, to undertake more than 200 merchants settled in Beijing, Tianjin and the project. Hongkong Xincheng chairman Shi Zhuping said, Jinnan district is located between Beijing and Tianjin, three provinces and cities with convenient transportation, industrial agglomeration, Hongkong Xin Jian city located here, is willing to undertake the Beijing Tianjin Hebei from various businesses, service national strategy to the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei. The legendary era studios, Hunan Ming Yi Sheng Australia Hotel and supermarket stationed, is to highlight the connotation of three-in-one Jianxin platform. The construction operations general manager Cui Guixiang Xincheng, Jian Xin city has realized "business platform of electronic business platform, wholesale and retail sales and processing base base", the three formats together, is the one and only in Tianjin. This is Jianxin starting from businesses and the interests of the owners, the basic framework after repeated research and practice confirmed, as Jinnan’s first five star high-tech smart theater, Beijing dragon pictures in Xin Jian City, of course, should focus on the "science and technology" and "wisdom". The studio decoration style will be more close to the young people like to play, avant-garde fashion, full of art. At the same time, the studio plans to use the whole set of laser projection equipment, audio and video technology in the film industry configuration of the front, as Dolby panoramic sound and DTS sound near, and the addition of 4D / VR and dynamic interactive area etc.. Ming Yi hotel based in Hunan, the layout of the country. The contract to build Xin, it is optimistic about the opportunities for the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin, in order to have a greater. The person in charge of the Australian supermarket also explained the intention and the future development of Xin city signed with the building. They said, optimistic about the development of the Jinnan area and the construction of Hongkong Xin City business ideas. Hongkong relevant responsible person said Xin group, the company plans in 2020 11 national distribution, investment in the construction of 30 city commercial complex. (end)相关的主题文章: