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Dental-Care If your teeth have been stained from smoking, or too much coffee or tea, then you may be interested in a home teeth whitening product. You may not have the time or money for expensive cosmetic dentistry, or laser whitening. Fortunately there are a number of great teeth whitening systems available for purchase. Below I will discuss some of the options available to you if you need to whiten your teeth. Okay, so you probably know most of these options, but I will explain in more detail below. One of the first products that came out a few years ago were teeth whitening trays. These trays work pretty well in terms of results, but I have had some problems with the trays. One of these problems is that usually they contain harsh chemicals that can cause your teeth to be.e overly sensitive to hot or cold food and beverages. Another .plaint that a lot of people have with trays is that they are un.fortable and don’t stay in place very well. This can be quite a pain, especially because you have to wear these trays for up to an hour per day. A very popular product that is still kind of new in the home teeth whitening industry are whitening strips. They also produce decent results, but again there are some problems involved. Again you need to wear these strips for up to an hour every day, so that is an inconvenience. They are not really un.fortable, but they are very hard to keep in place. They seem to slide around very easily. So this makes them very hard to keep in one spot for an hour at a time. When I used white strips I found myself constantly having to adjust them, One of my favorite home teeth whitening systems are teeth whiten tips. Basically you get a kit where you have some Q-Tip type applicators and some whitening gel. It is very gentle on your teeth and it only takes 5 minutes a day to use this product. It is great to not have to take an hour a day to get whiter teeth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: