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Quit-Smoking A .mon problem for smokers or friends of smokers who allow smoking in their home is removing the smell and second hand smoke from their home. Although its best to smoke outside if you insist on not quitting tobacco, you may have a loved one who can’t or won’t smoke outside, or the desire to better protect friends and family against the dangers of second hand smoke. By using a smoke eater in your home, you can better protect your loved ones against the dangers of second hand smoke and make your house smell better too. Smoke Eaters use a variety of technology to remove smoke from your home. There is a variety of technology used in the air purifiers on the market today from ionic air cleanerrs to HEPA filter-based models, to .binations of the two technoologies. When you look for a smoke eater for your home, you will want to check facts such as the room rating in square feet of the unit, the type(s) of filters required, and frequency of cleaning required to keep the unit running at optimal capacity. The following are some of the poular smoke eaters on the market for use in the home. BPA SmokeMuncher XL Deluxe Smoke Eater The BPA Smoke Muncher XL deluxe model is a high quality constructed product. The smoke cleaner is designed to require little maintence and is designed to sit on the floor but can be mounted on the wall. It does require a periodic filter replacement. The unit is rated to cover a 250-350 square foot room and has a sealed air chamber design. You can also choose an option for the unit that has a 500 CFM motor which will cover a 500 square foot room. AQE X-400 Smoke Eater The AQE X-400 Smoke Eater is designed to never have its main filters replaced and is designed for installation in your room’s ceiling. The grills of the smoke eater are designed to sit flush with the ceiling and to remin hidden in your home. The unit has an optional odor controlling carbon that you can purchase but is not required. The unit is designed to use an electrostatic precipitator primary filter that can cover 250-350 square feet and is suitable for a small room or office space. Austin Air HealthMate Jr. Smoke Eater The Austin Air HealthMate Jr smoke eater is one of the lowest cost models on the market. It uses HEPA filtration and is designed to cover up to 100 square feet. General feedback on the model is that it is good for a small coverage requirement, but does not have the capacity for covering a large room or a small room that has more than the odd cigarette smoked in it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: