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Health There are not many at-home laser teeth whitening systems available, but the 7 day at-home laser teeth whitening system from Perfectlywhite.com helps a person bring home the best in office treatments. This company claims that its light is usable for many teeth bleaching treatments and, is quite handy when compared to other thousand dollar teeth whitening systems. The home laser teeth whitening system comes with a teeth bleaching kit and, it is the same used by a great many dentists. Within a few minutes of using a home laser teeth whitening system, one may affect savings of up to six hundred dollars and, also achieve great results, without stepping out of one’s home. It certainly makes sense, considering that it costs just a fraction of a trip to the dentist for getting professional teeth whitening done. Uses the Same Bleaching Kits as Those of Dentists This may be one of the first ever home laser teeth whitening systems that provides adequate treatment and, also saves a lot of money to the patient. One can purchase the Plasma light and use it many times over and, achieve professional results in just a week’s time. In addition, this system also provides teeth cleaning in between teeth which are not the case when using over-the-counter white strips that, in any case, may only affect the surface of the teeth. Obviously, no one cares to have yellow teeth and, using a home laser teeth whitening system, one is able to produce the same results in a week’s time that would otherwise have taken six months. There is no reason to visit a dentist to sit under those white bright lights and, the home laser teeth whitening system that one can buy from PerfectlyWHite.com will include professional dental whitening as well as teeth bleaching kits. There is no compromise in quality as these are the same as those used by dentists. This home laser teeth whitening system is also able to provide superior results because it uses one of the industry’s strongest tooth whitening formulas, which contain 35% Carbamide Peroxide that is 40 percent stronger than what a dentist may use, during an office visit. One can use the Plasma light that will get higher breakdown speeds of hydrogen peroxide which will further release more oxygen so as to speed up the bleaching process. This is what a dentist would do in his office – so one is getting the same benefits at a fraction of the cost and, in less time as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: