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Web-Design Nowadays, search engine optimization plays a vital role in promotion of a website, but, the major contribution in the promotion of a site is that of website design and development. There was a time when boring background and color combinations were used to make a website, but now, as the time has changed, the technology has progressed and with it the process & tools of web designing. Now there are web design firm which keeps on introducing more innovative ways to design websites with the help of their multi talented web designers. SEO web design is the one which is being widely preferred in order to promote ideas, products & services of companies. Therefore, the portals being developed nowadays are recognized for their versatility, functionality and ease of navigation. This is generally because SEO is a practice which is used for the promotion of web portals on the globally known search engines, such as Bing, Google and Yahoo. Apart from this, if a site has flaws, such as images, videos, if any, consuming a lot of time to get downloaded, then it is sensible to make the required changes. In these circumstances a professional designer will make necessary changes, such as web design templates, to reduce a large sized image into a smaller one, and will provide a link to view the large or small images. The next most essential thing is to create correct links within the website, and that too by using the correct phrases. For example; if a potential visitor of the website wants to go on a specific page such as product, then he/she will click on that specifically structured hyperlinked text. However, if the link is not able to redirect that visitor to that particular page, then the visitor will go back to home page. And, in this process, the potential customer wont be able to have a look at and purchase the product & services, and all SEO efforts will go in vain. Therefore, to avoid losing potential customers it is wiser to take help of a professional web design firm . The above mentioned two examples clearly show that the web design also plays an important role in the process of search engine optimization. The website must be both user and browser friendly, which will eventually help in directing a visitor simply, intelligently and carefully to specific pages. Therefore, never compromise on the quality of your website design India, and in order to do that you must hire a professional and leading website design Company. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: