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Health So you’re jogging down the street when you lock a stare with this tall, dark-skinned brunette with crystal blue eyes. As you pass her you get a hear her say in a faint whisper Hello there. You smirk to yourself (you know she wants you), and take a look down at your heart rate monitor. 210!!! HOLY S#@%!! I guess I better slow down when I see a hottie from now on. You think to yourself. So you see, having a heart rate monitor can keep you in your target heart rate zone in regular and special circumstances. Seriously though, if you are doing any kind of exercise.I mean ANY kind, you’ve got to get yourself a heart rate monitor. Our heart rate is like the RPM gauge on a race car engine. The driver can look at the RPMs and precisely determine how much more power the car has. Can he pass on the corner? Can he conserve gas by lowering the RPMs and keeping the speed up? The same thing goes for our heart rates. Your heart rate is the your personal RPM gauge….only it doesn’t come in a chrome case, so you’ve got to get one for it. By monitoring your heart rate, we are able to exercise precisely in our Target Heart Rate Zone. This is like the optimal heart rate for our particular body while exercising. While in our Target Heart Rate Zone, our body is working hard, but not too hard. It’s burning calories, but not too many calories. By watching your heart rate while exercising you can determine if you need to pick up the pace, or slow it down. If you are feeling weak, and your heart rate is LOWER than your Target Heart Rate Zone, you know that you can kick it up a notch SAFELY. However, if you are feeling weak through the workout and you see that your heart rate is HIGHER than your Target Heart Rate Zone, then you know that you are putting yourself at risk for harm, and that you need to back off. So, being safe, is one reason to keep an eye on your heart rate while exercising. Another great reason to watch your heart rate with a heart rate monitor while exercising is for performance. If you are looking to really push the envelope, to get the most out of every single workout and maximize the potential of your body, you can precisely adjust your workout minute to minute by watching your heart rate like a race car driver watches the engine RPMs. If you feel like you are going to puke from the last set of crunches, and you look down to see your heart rate below your target zonego ahead and puke, so you can do another set.turns out you are just a whimp and you need to workout more. However, if you’re going to puke, and you see your heart rate is too high.you better back off, or you’re going to puke and then something important might quit on you! Either way, having a heart rate monitor is essential to maximizing you workouts. Getting ripped, strong, big or fast all require serious commitment and training. So why would you put in all that work, and not know if you are actually doing any good??? Makes sense to get a heart rate monitor, doesn’t it? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: