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Have you ever given these children a trip? (original) – Sohu, the maternal and child psychologist Xu Jingying 1 parent-child numerous years, hectic life, we inadvertently formed the habit of thinking, such as language, action expression, behavior. Some of them are barriers to communication and communication, but they don’t realize that they have not been seen. And these are the parts of us, with every opening, every action, every tone. Blocking the exchange with the child, tripping the flow of affection. 2 know can still change, the following ten communication stumbling block, you made it? You give these children a plot against? Imperative: "you should do……" The best thing to say is, "you should do your homework"; "you should eat more vegetables and less meat."……". Is not to come, often say? Critical: "I told you how many times, how do you return……" When angry, disobedient children, the expression of criticism is the choice for parents to blurt out. Hit: "why don’t you long memory?" The mall, heard, a young mother ablaze with anger told the two or three year old baby, the child repeatedly asked: how do you not long memory? Why don’t you long memory? How, two or three year old baby, even memory is not good, long memory for what? Suggestion: "why don’t you do it?" "Why don’t you do that?" Say, anger, blame, condemn, questioned, have? Soothing: "everything will be over, you wait and see." Literally, this seems to comfort, comfort. But say ah, say you will feel chilly wind blowing, especially the "wait and see" clear threats, clear schadenfreude! Trial: "what did you do to make him like this?……" "What did you do to make her cry?" "What did you do to get the purse from his pocket into your pocket?" Police interrogation is not the case. Jamming: "don’t worry about that… "Don’t worry about the damage. Let’s have dinner… Eat your head to eat, in the child’s world, the toy is a good life? Toys broken, the equivalent of their loved ones, friends sick, injured, not sad? Also eat what to eat! Judge: you do that, really bad… This is not good, that is not good, in the end what is good? According to what you say is good?! Type: "well, at the end of the world to look like… Blow this out. "Ironically, mother or father? The seer: "I thought that" the foresight of the Superman dad, Superman baby mom, why it is not a superman two generation of mud? 3 these stumbling blocks express the same meaning: children, you can not solve their own problems, you can not do. Received such a signal, frustration, inferiority, of course, has become a psychological portrayal of the children. Want to communicate and communicate happily? That is a delusion! Larger point相关的主题文章: