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Hangzhou for 2 years without the demolition of illegally built plant companies involved that found in error – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Hangzhou on November 15th news (Zhejiang station reporter Li Lubin Zhou Jian) according to voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that the river transport machinery Co. Ltd. is located in Hangzhou Xihu District Tong Street Village, a total area of more than 20 thousand square meters. Workshop for building steel structure, mainly used for tractors and other agricultural vehicle production workshop and facilities. In August 2014, Hangzhou Xihu District Urban Management Bureau received a report from the masses of the plant were investigated, the results showed that: in addition to a building area of 6868 square meters of factory buildings made construction project planning permit, the rest of the building without planning approval. In March this year, the plant was illegally built Hangzhou City three changes a demolition office of the leading group "has been included in the list of issues without filing disposal in place". But today, this is still not the demolition of illegally built. February 2015, the Xihu District Urban Management Bureau made the administrative penalty decision, ordered the river transport machinery Co., Ltd. to demolish a total of 15378.62 square meters of illegal buildings. Subsequently, the urban management department to transfer the case to the territory in accordance with the provisions of the Tong Street, but one thing has not happened illegal. In March this year, Hangzhou City three changes a demolition office will be included in the "registered here illegally built without disposal in place" list. To deputy director of Tong Street Zhou Guoxin promised, the deadline for the demolition of buildings, "the river transport the illegal construction, because it involves a large equipment and products, so we need to spend some time synchronization, for more than and 10 days, it removed in place." Today, more than half a year later, the reporter saw in the river transport machinery factory, in addition to the factory in the middle 2, 3 thousand square meters of steel shed was demolished, the larger scale of about more than 10 thousand square meters of illegally built plant still stands in place. Then, six months ago promised to dismantle illegally built why it has not been removed? Jiang, head of the company Fang Junpeng told reporters that the early years of enterprises in order to support the construction of Hangzhou Thousand roads, off-site relocation to the current site. Because of the large size of the enterprise, a serious loss of production for a long time, so the relevant leaders agreed that they did not have the legal procedures in the premise of the construction of the plant. We have to tell the highway to build a highway 02 years, we will soon be out of the factory, the production. After stopping for three months, land approval is not down, we wrote a letter to Hangzhou HangQian expressway, to the village land high-speed request as soon as possible, do you do it for 06 years. We can not stop on the edge of 4 years, built a simple plant, that is to say not to begin production in the land expropriation and the remaining land, the District People’s Congress, the district government, District, including Tong Street leaders believe that the working environment is bad, verbal consent we are on the edge is not completely expropriated land cover plant." Zhijiang companies also suggested that the relevant departments identified on illegal construction error, which does not belong to the illegally built 5000 square meters. Jiang Jiang, head of the company believes that the urban management is included in the violation, in accordance with the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government on the issue of illegal construction of Hangzhou city office.相关的主题文章: