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Halogen headlamps really worse than xenon headlights? Why are so many cars in it – Sohu car talking about the classification of automotive headlamps, and now there are mainly halogen, xenon, LED and laser headlamps. Of course, LED and laser headlamps for most consumers is still relatively remote, after all, its cost is not low. The only thing that really comes into contact with a car is the halogen and xenon lights. The actual use of halogen headlamps really worse than xenon headlights? Why are so many cars still using it? Even some car near light xenon headlamps and halogen lamp with a beam? First of all we have to understand the characteristics of these two kinds of lamps: halogen lamp: incandescent lamp is an upgraded version, obviously we usually use incandescent lamp can not be directly used in vehicles, so people on the incandescent lamp filled into the halogen gas, can effectively improve the tungsten melting point and life, in the same power, 1.5 times the brightness of halogen the incandescent lamp can reach, its life is 2~3 times, this is the origin of halogen lamp. Xenon headlamps: Xenon headlamps and HID gas discharge lamp, refers to a high-pressure gas discharge lamp. By filling a variety of chemical gas in UV crystal quartz glass tubes, such as xenon inert gas, and then through the supercharger on-board 12V instantaneous power to more than 20 thousand volts, in life, in addition to such a device on the car, the street is also the welding principle, the dazzling white light is xenon. The relative advantages of xenon halogen lamp, xenon lamp brightness: 1 improve a lot, has a long and broad vision of ultra wide angle, brings hitherto unknown driving comfort for you; make the driver vision more clearly, greatly reduce the incidence of traffic accidents. 2, no tungsten filament, so life is longer, saving 3 strong: the xenon lamp is only 35W, which is issued by the 55W halogen lamp 3.5 times more light, greatly reduce the load of the power system since the automobile xenon lamp compared with halogen lamp, light, and energy saving, long life, in addition to the seemingly high price not what shortcomings, but not the xenon lamp because the lights are white, penetrating to be greatly reduced, and the haze weather is very dangerous. Why do some cars near light xenon headlamps and halogen lamp with a beam? The xenon lamp drawback is that it’s high price and long start-up time, takes three or four seconds to reach the rated brightness light headlamps, with light at this time to remind a car or down the front of the car, the delay seconds is not reliable, so many cars near light xenon beam, or the use of halogen lamp. Halogen light transport also reduces the light power to the human eye, the high beam xenon can make people temporarily blind, is a hidden trouble of traffic safety. When we observe the road at night, yellow is equipped with nine out of ten headlights halogen lamp models. In effect, the temperature low halogen lamp, resulting in light color warm yellow. In the light dark, light yellow halogen partial xenon lamp not so conspicuous, but to meet the normal use of the night is no problem. About the car master: the car is a problem, find a car master! The car has 120 thousand professional Master Certified Automotive Technician for 4S shop.相关的主题文章: