Halloween as a cultural invasion, think too much sichen

The Halloween as a cultural invasion, think too much before Halloween, many city excitement, "a flurry of carnival, everywhere. Like other western festivals, Halloween is also a carnival shopping festival. However, in this festival, there is a voice. In this view, Chinese Halloween culture is not confident, even someone said alarmist, western holidays are invisible on Chinese cultural invasion. In fact, the same argument is not the first time, not just for halloween. In this regard, I beg to differ. First culture invasion. If they want to be set up, they must first meet a basic condition, that is to say, they cause direct damage to Chinese traditional festivals. Can it be established? Obviously can not. We did not because of the foreign festival, but the Chinese festival, the Spring Festival, Qingming, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals are still deeply loved by the Chinese people. In these festivals, the business atmosphere is still hot, people’s enthusiasm for the traditional festival is only increased unabated. Festivals are based on people’s collective memory and cultural psychological basis, such as Chinese expression of these traditional festivals is to family, family attention, and this is one of the most basic emotional needs, so they can be prosperous, has strong vitality. Besides, the festival is the cultural self-confidence. There are some very narrow things behind the view, that is, there is a strong logical relationship between the cultural self-confidence and the foreign festival, and even each other is sufficient condition. Culture does not have confidence in the foreign festival, then, in turn, can also be derived from foreign culture is not confident group. Is this really true? Is not only the Chinese people so confident, always want to spend the festival, rather than just their own festival? At this point, we can take the Chinese Spring Festival in Germany and France to receive a contrast. In France, with the deepening of Sino French personnel and cultural exchanges, the Spring Festival has become a part of the French daily life. According to media reports, the eve of the Spring Festival, the French would decorate a new high streets and back lanes, flags flying, and, very importantly, this change is not only in the Chinese community, the French love new year together with the local Chinese. In Germany, young people are very enthusiastic about the Spring Festival, during the Spring Festival, the young people will send each other Chinese greeting cards to express their wishes. Chinese Spring Festival also entered the German primary school textbooks. The two countries have enthusiastically China the Spring Festival, which embodies not only the cultural self-confidence, but it is real confidence. A truly confident culture not only does not reject foreign culture, but will be open, inclusive, acceptance, absorption. In fact, the characteristics of the traditional culture Chinese slightly absorb anything and everything, culture is known to everyone. How to protect the traditional culture is an important issue, but external to the rejection of all things apparently irrational. The protection of traditional culture also can not fall into the museum style pattern, value concept, the spirit of traditional culture is the only people who live in the moment to survive in succession, when the human body, is the protection of the most stable.相关的主题文章: