Guoan fans this life in the guards just want to simply give gas

Fans: this life in the guards just want to simply give Guoan Guoan fans cheer refueling site (map) in the body of the 24 stands, there is such a group of young people, when the national security of the home court game, they dress neatly, singing the songs, beating and shouting cheer cheer slogans, their name is called "guards". From September 2005 to September 2016, the army now has to accompany from Beijing Guoan has gone through 11 years. In addition, in these 11 years, they still accompany regardless of the weather, the national security expedition to the countless places. In this group of people, there is a game almost every back to the stadium, holding a horn command of the youth, his name is Zhang yue. Some people say, "guards" are a group of crazy, but Zhang Yue says they never thought the limelight, just want to let the team know that no matter how far the team where people have with them, let them on the court to hear the fans shout, more of a force. JINGWAH Times reporter Zheng Nan origin   "the goal culture" of Beijing’s most famous, many fans of the organization, the largest is the "green hurricane cheerleader" and "guards" of the two branch. In fact, the founder is out from the green hurricane. "The establishment in September 11, 2005, because of hurricane and green have some disagreements on the idea, so some of the brothers out. We feel that some Japanese team cheer is good, more and more people begin to accept the "goal of culture", dozens of people from the original to hundreds of people today. We are from the beginning of 2007, officially to the goal, from 16 to 24, and the north, we have been in the North stand." Zhang Yue said. Zhang Yue told reporters that the first "guards" and not the exclusive stands, you can only buy bulk ticket, very early to the stands, with 10 rows of tape. Until there is a special 24 of them, that is, the closest to the goal of a stand. "The culture behind the goal" originated in Europe, because the fare is cheaper after the goal, buy these tickets are wage earners. We think that can give a more shocking cheer team goal, let the team feel there are a kind of spirit existence." Compared with the large number of green hurricane, guards only half a stand, but is half of the fans stand, is more a full 90 minutes, personal independence of conduct, the shouting, jumping, waving his arms, almost no time to rest, "Crazy" is a lot of people just to see the impression of. "In fact, not just what the different way to cheer, we pursue some of the more extreme, more intense, more freedom in the way of philosophy. Many people say that the guards are crazy, but I think we are crazy very cute, very pure, we don’t want the limelight, but simply want to give security refueling, especially on the road. We want to use the action to tell the players, we are here, we accompany them, let them know, to increase their strength." Company   hard seat to sit for 21 hours in Guangzhou Japan South Korea, Tianjin, Harbin, Shenyang, Panjin, Changchun, Zhengzhou, Ji’nan, Qingdao"相关的主题文章: