Guangsha team defeats the mood is good and satisfied with the spirit level (video)

Guangsha team defeats the mood is good and satisfied with the spirit of high Hu Jinqiu fight to cramp [collection] Xinjiang Guangsha 113-118 Adams 41 Zhou Qi 15+10 Washington and Xinjiang war, is the poor season hits the most painful. Although the new season CBA configuration Guangsha looks good, are all listed as favorites to win this season, but in front of Xinjiang, that is not to mention gas. 113: 118, the first game of the season to eat poor defeat, interestingly, after the game coach Li Chunjiang, general manager and owner of Liu Quansheng building out the "big three" the mood is good, perhaps in their eyes, and Xinjiang can fight to this, young Guangsha did not lose. Even play two games, Guangsha battle that is has the ability to improve. The first section was 10 points ahead of Xinjiang, 4 points behind in the first half, the third quarter was up 12 points behind, and even the audience to leave early, but the players did not give up, by Liu Zheng, Zhao Yanhao’s 3 consecutive hits, lengshi in the last 5 minutes of the score was 107 to 105, but finally. Failed to win the game. "The whole team is very hard, has been playing, but the overall strength is indeed a gap, especially the opponent two foreign aid is very strong." "Spring" frankly, lost unfortunately, only two hits the ball, not too many turnovers, must continue to work hard. Zhao Yanhao scored 13 points and 5 rebounds, said: from the game to learn a lot of lessons learned in the future will slowly learn to play such a ball." The last round of playing Sichuan, this round of playing Xinjiang, Li Chunjiang constantly referred to the effort, the word, you can see that his request for the players is to fight on the field. And all the efforts of the Hu when the number of autumn, the final 1 minutes and 28 seconds, he and Zhou Qiyou for a rebound in physical contact, the whole people fall on the floor, then the expression is quite painful. Liu Zheng immediately stepped forward to help him draw the thigh, after a foreign aid Holman Princess hold hold it to the bench, the first time to see the doctor injury. "Is this a spasm? I don’t know if there’s a ligament……" Taiqiu accident affects Guangsha the hearts of fans, after nearly half an hour, there are a lot of people in the stadium, to see Hu jinqiu. "It’s all right. It’s cramping." Taiqiu comfort you, he side and fans photo. 26 minutes, 35 minutes, and 42 minutes, this is the last of the past 3 games, Hu Jinqiu’s playing time for the ball. Last night he played almost the audience, this is definitely the main playing time, 17 points and 7 rebounds, and two round NBA show Zhou Qi 15 points and 10 rebounds, "the coach I will try my best to do it." Taiqiu said modestly. Hu Jinqiu is very hard today, this position from the defense to the rebound, are very necessary." And again Hu Jinqiu commended the focus, "(he) on the field of enthusiasm and initiative are very good, 3 down too tired, the cramp is because of physical overdraft, (game) strength is too large." In addition to Liu Zheng, Wang Zheng, Hu Jinqiu, Zhao Yanhao also reflects their own values, but the opponent is the veteran Xinjiang Guangsha, still a lack of experience. "This is the best morale and momentum. The problem is the field.相关的主题文章: