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Guangdong boundary is now 5 meters straight Python nearly two story high (Photos) original title: pythons are now in Shenzhen city has nearly two storeys high straight 5 meters long Python are now in Shenzhen city yesterday 5 meters long Python 5 meters long Python are now in Shenzhen city are now in Shenzhen city (9), when the second day of the lunar year, near a the national animal protection Python discovered Guangdong boundary line section of Shenzhen – Yantian District of Donggang border detachment of the six squadron fifteen officers and soldiers were on duty, found in the border area, the nearly 5 meters long python. 14 pm the same day, the Shenzhen border detachment of six squadron fifteen sentry Xiao Zheng and Zhou suddenly heard from their border area more than 20 meters of the buffer zone came rustling sound. By experience, many criminals smuggling ring. Then, two post horses on hidden, waiting to slowly close to, 3 minutes later, the sound disappeared, after about 5 minutes, the tree came the intense sound, sentry according to sound judgment, right in front of the tree. The two sentry approached and looked foolish. A boa constrictor was placed in the buffer zone of the border zone, rolled into a ball, lying on the ground, friendly looking at the sentry, without any attack. "Squad leader Python will not give us new year’s call", to Hubei soldiers Xiao Zheng happy way. After all, no one had ever seen such a thick snake, and two Sentinels were at a loss. After 5 minutes of observation, the boa constrictor remained friendly and motionless on the ground. The Xiao Zheng then find several helper, the boa constrictor carried back to the camp, after the measurement, this snake is about 4.6 meters long, straight nearly two storeys high and weighs about 50 pounds. Afterwards, officers and men simply disinfected and fed python, and gave it to Wildlife Conservation Center for release. (Lu Caixing) editor in chief: Zhao Jiaming SN146

粤港边界现5米巨蟒 拉直有近两层楼高(组图)   原标题:巨蟒现深圳市区 拉直有近两层楼高 5米长巨蟒现深圳市区 5米长巨蟒现深圳市区 5米长巨蟒现深圳市区   昨天(9日),正值大年初二,一条国家保护动物大蟒蛇惊现粤港边界一线深圳段――盐田港东港区附近的边防六支队十五中队执勤点,被官兵在边防禁区内发现,该大蟒蛇将近5米长。   当日14时许,驻深边防六支队十五中队哨兵小郑与小周突然听到边防禁区内距他们20多米的缓冲带传来“沙沙”的声音。凭经验,多为偷渡犯罪分子的响动。于是,两哨兵马上隐蔽起来,伺机慢慢地靠近,3分钟过后,声音消失,大约过了5分钟后,树上又传来剧烈的声响,哨兵根据声音判断,就在前面的大树上。   两哨兵,走近一看,顿时傻了眼,一条大蟒蛇盘在边防禁区缓冲带,卷成一团,平躺在地上,友善的直视着哨兵,没有任何攻击动作。“班长大蟒蛇不会是给咱拜年的吧”,来着湖北籍战士小郑欣喜道。毕竟从来没见过这样粗大的蛇,两哨兵不知所措。观察了5分钟后,大蟒蛇依然友善的趴在地上一动不动。哨兵小郑随后找来几名帮手,将大蟒蛇抬回军营,经测量,这条蟒蛇长约4.6米,拉直有近两层楼高,重约50斤。随后,官兵们对蟒蛇进行了简单的消毒和喂食,并将其交给野生动物保护中心进行放生。(陆才兴) 责任编辑:赵家明 SN146相关的主题文章: