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God Tucao: Chaoyang people and seized the fat – Sohu news service "you know? Today, just about, there is a very famous folk singer……" Know, was reported to the masses of Chaoyang District, caught it." "No, I won the Nobel prize for literature!"   I’m standing on your left, like the Milky way. I said that winning the prize to get soft undercover poet, but you think I mean thatjunkie fat.   Bob · Dylan has won the Grammy Award for the golden globe of the year, and won the gold medal in the life of the president of the year, only one Olympic gold medal at the peak of the life of the people of the world, who won the gold medal in the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year, and won the gold medal in the world by the time of the. Poor literary circles Xiao Li, probably on the track and field to beat Bob · the opportunity of Dylan. When I was talking about running, what I was talking about – Haruki Murakami; but the difference was not so great for the folk singer, Song Dongye and the other, for example, both of them had been poisoned by the  . In 1996, Bob ·, in an interview with Dylan, admitted: "I quit my addiction in New York. During that time I was very weak because of drug addiction, but I gave up on it." Although accompanied to run a lot of sessions, Haruki Murakami has publicly said in Germany and the United States smoked marijuana: I like marijuana, tobacco is not addictive. But he said he law-abiding people, smoking marijuana illegal, so he is going to the United States suck.   either Bob or Haruki, the drug is good a few decades ago, the United States, the hippie movement flourished, the Japanese student movement anti war raging like a storm, we enjoy the freedom and liberation, antisocial, do all break through worldly things, don’t worry about GDP and prices, despite Peace & Love, enjoy life great harmony. That era, do not smoke marijuana embarrassed to say that he is a literary youth.   of course, no matter in which country, will not allow the chaos to exist for a long time, the government will strengthen the management and control, the hippies grew up, or to wear suit and carrying a briefcase to work, occasionally listen to Bob · and John · Dylan; Lennon when feelings. Even in the United States, smoking marijuana is a controversial issue.   China’s development is relatively late, the art circle of drug abuse seems to be prevailing now. My little nephew said that his dream is to be a narc, so you can collect all star signature…… And drug addicts have a tendency to become fat, why you suck the poison are so fat…… Who would have thought that Song Dongye had to sing a song "seize the fat man"…… Best predicted of the year. You’re fat. You’re happy. Hey, you’re over.   fall in love with a gram of marijuana, but your home has a crowd of Chaoyang, which makes you feel desperate – Song Dongye said the stranger to Lanzhou not to smoke! Chaoyang people are looking at you.   but in Chaoyang people is renowned far and wide, so strict local people still rush into danger to drug trafficking, but]相关的主题文章: