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"Girls basketball dream Paralympic swimming every day more than 10 thousand meters – public channel at the age of 4 suffered a car accident, half a basketball to become her scooter, so she called" girls basketball". No legs, but she chose to swim, hard work finally return, "girls basketball" dream Paralympic Games, she is the girl in Yunnan, Qian hongyan. "Girls basketball" dream Paralympic Games officially started September 11, 2016, Rio women’s 100 meters breaststroke race SB5. For the first time on behalf of China to play the money Hongyan do their best, and ultimately get ninth results. Qian Hongyan’s achievements and inconspicuous, but this ill fated girl, has completed the transformation of the cocoon – like. In contrast with the current Paralympic athletes identity, 15 years ago, she is the most well-known identity of the basketball girl". In 2000, at the age of 4, she was hit by a car accident. Her legs were crushed by a large truck. A cut half of the basketball, which is covered with cotton, coupled with grandfather made a wooden hand pad, Qian Hongyan rely on these re entering the crowd. After media reports, Qian Hongyan was known as the "basketball girl". Reporter: after a car accident, the four or five year old you, is particularly black for a while? Qian Hongyan: every day lying in bed, do not know what to do. It seems that the whole world has become a person, no one to talk to me, no one to see me. Reporter: the first time you put on the basketball prosthesis, do you still have the impression? Qian Hongyan: I had a basketball game, and I was very happy and excited to be able to get out of bed for the first time. Just dare to start in the small yard activities, and later by some encouragement of the family, can go to the street. Reporter: for the first time out of the yard out of the house, worried? Qian Hongyan: there. Worry and fear. When I go to school, we may not have seen this kind of disability, students are around, I have to talk about it, I feel very uncomfortable. To overcome the psychological pressure to accept a swimsuit on attention outside Qian Hongyan’s home in rural areas in Luliang County of Qujing City, Yunnan Province, in order to give Qian Hongyan home treatment, spent their savings, also borrowed huge foreign debts. Because of the media reports, the situation is more and more money Hongyan known to the public. In January 2005, Qian Hongyan to Beijing to enter the Chinese Rehabilitation Research Center for rehabilitation, the experts also designed for her prosthetic assembly. 2007, the Seventh National Games held in Kunming. Qian Hongyan the first to feel the charm of sports, with the disabled, parents and coaches to discuss, Qian Hongyan began professional swimming training officially in 2007 that year, she was 11 years old. Reporter: I see the video data in the past, the two hand is to hold the two small board then go? Qian Hongyan: because my body is supported by both hands, there is a time when the hands are full of foam, but the habit of a good time. Reporter: what do you think about the future? Have you ever had a dream? Qian Hongyan: at that time, my biggest goal is to study hard and go to a good university. smell相关的主题文章: