Get Rid Of Hemorrhoid In 7 Easy

Health Having to live with hemorrhoids is literally a pain in the butt. Many are looking for quick and easy ways to get rid of hemorrhoid–for good. A hemorrhoid is often detected by the feeling of lumps growing in the rectum and anus. These lumps are veins that have swollen because of too much pressure exerted on the pelvic region. The factors that contribute to the growth of hemorrhoids are: – straining in your bowel movement; – obesity; – pregnancy and childbirth; and – chronic cough When a person has hemorrhoids, he is subjected to recurrent physical pain and irritation in the anus. In addition to that, he also suffers from emotional distress due to the social embarrassment associated with this condition. People with hemorrhoids are often forced to deal with the disease alone and in private. For this reason, home remedies to get rid of hemorrhoid are a popular search on the internet by hemorrhoid patients wanting to put an end to their suffering. If you want to get rid of hemorrhoid without the bothersome and sometimes embarrassing trip to the doctor’s clinic, try these 7 easy methods that offer quick relief. 1. Sitz bath. An instant relief from throbbing anal lumps is a warm water therapy or also called a sitz bath. Simply fill a tub or basin with 3-4 inches of warm water and sit on it with knees raised and soaking your hips and buttocks. 2. Avoid lifting heavy weights. To get rid of hemorrhoid problems, avoid lifting weights that are too heavy. Lifting weights puts pressure in the rectum same as straining in your bowel movement. 3. Weight Watch. Be conscious of your body weight. Obese people are prone to growth of hemorrhoids because excess weight puts pressure in the lower extremities of the body. When you sit, all your weight is pushed down and centers on the pelvic region. 4. Watch what you eat. Processed foods like chips and junk foods are usually loaded with salt. Salt can dehydrate the body. Once dehydrated, your stools are hardened and you will be constipated. 5. Exercise daily. Moving around and keeping those muscles at work help stools to pass smoothly and easily from your anus. 6. Embrace fiber. Many people don’t like a lot of greens in their diet. However, greens are what make your digestive system function normally. Fiber aids in the softening of stools. Certain bacteria converts fiber into a gel-like form that makes stools soft and flexible and most importantly, easy to pass. 7. Use proper toilet tissue. Many people are not particular with the type of toilet tissue they use. To get rid of hemorrhoid, changing your rough and dry toilet tissue for something moist and soft may help. Dry tissue only aggravates your hemorrhoids. And oh, it may also help if you don’t rub vigorously on your anus because that, too, is a major cause for irritation. Most of these methods offer temporary relief. If your hemorrhoids do not show any improvement after weeks of self-treatment, pay your doctor a visit so that you will be properly advised on more advanced methods of hemorrhoid treatment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: