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Self-Improvement So you want to know how to get rid of your man boobs? I will show you a diet and fitness plan that can show you a lot of strategies and processes you need to follow for getting the kind of body you want. If you want to lose weight and reduce the size of your man boobs follow the tips below: How to lose man boobs #1 – Remember that foods that have been chemically processed have chemicals that increase your estrogen levels in your body. Things like grilling and other ways to cook food before you eat it can cause a hormonal imbalance within your body. That’s how guys can start getting chest fat and start ending up looking like women with breast development. The best thing I suggest is that you eat .anic foods instead of choosing unhealthy processed foods. How to get rid of man boobs #2 – Don’t drink the tap water. The best things to drink are none other then bottled water. You don’t want to drinkm the chemical filled tap waters, or even worse, pops and juices which are filled with sugars and other carbohydrates and physical chemical garbage. You will find that tap water is filled with many different chemicals that are bad for you. How to get rid of man boobs #3 – Start an exercise and fitness routine to build up your muscles and lower your fat levels. You want to do low reps using heavy weights and do alot of cardio like bicycle riding or on the tread mill. You want to do weight lifting that burns the most fat which happens to be training with the heaviest weights possible for the lowest amount of reps. If you want to lose your chest fat faster, do thirty to forty minutes of cardio training four to five days a week to make it go faster. How to get rid of man boobs #4 – Cut out all junk foods including beer. If you can, lower your fatty food intake to once a week. Eating leaner foods and cleaner healthier foods will give you a much healthier body, which includes losing your chest fat. You have to remember that daily exercise and dieting are the most integral parts of losing fat off your chest so follow these tips. Always know that what you eat defines your body. So daily exercise and dieting is the biggest impact you will have on getting rid of your man boobs forever! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: