General Office of the State Council on the approval of Pingdingshan city planning notice – Beijing

Notify the state office on the approval of the overall planning of Pingdingshan city in the new network – the office of the State Council on the approval of the overall planning of Pingdingshan City Office letter 2016 Notice No. 85 people’s Government of Henan Province: you submitted for approval on Pingdingshan city planning of the show received please. With the approval of the State Council, it is hereby notified as follows: first, the State Council agreed in principle to the general plan of Pingdingshan (2011 – 2020) (hereinafter referred to as the "master plan"). Pingdingshan is an important energy and heavy industry base in the Central Plains Economic zone. The "master plan" implementation to thoroughly implement the party’s eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth plenary session and the central work conference of urbanization, city central work conference spirit, earnestly implement the development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, understanding, and respect the law of city development, adhere to the strategy of sustainable development, economic society, population, environment and resource coordination, improve the quality and level of new urbanization, and do all the work of the Pingdingshan municipal urban planning, construction and management, and gradually build Pingdingshan into economic prosperity, harmonious and livable, good ecological environment, rich vigor and distinctive features of the modern city. Two, pay attention to the overall development of urban and rural areas. In the "master plan" to determine the 1383 square kilometers of urban planning area, the implementation of unified planning and management of urban and rural areas. Comply with the requirements of the development of new urbanization, improve the function of small cities and small towns, improve the ability to gather industry and population. Strengthen the planning and construction of urban and rural areas of urban and rural areas, the construction of urban infrastructure, public service facilities should be considered as a whole to provide services for the surrounding countryside. According to the conditions of different areas within the city, focusing on the development of key towns in the county and good basic conditions and great potential for development, optimize the layout of towns and villages, villages and towns to strengthen the guidance, promote the industrialization of agriculture and rural modernization. Three, reasonable control urban scale. By 2020, the resident population of the central city within 1 million 100 thousand people, urban construction land control in less than 106 square kilometers. To implement the principles of urban and rural planning law on the planning and construction of the first, the prohibition of the "master plan" to determine the scope of construction land to set up all kinds of development zones and urban areas. According to the actual conditions of Pingdingshan city resources, the environment and the overall plan to determine the layout of urban space, delineation of urban development boundaries, strengthen border management and control, and promote the city’s compact layout. Reasonable arrangement of the internal layout of the city, improve the city’s permeability and microcirculation. Insist on saving and intensive utilization of land, strict control of new construction land, increase the stock of land to dig the potential of rational development and utilization of city underground space resources, improving land use efficiency, and effectively protect the cultivated land, especially basic farmland. Four, improve the urban infrastructure system. Planning and construction of urban infrastructure in accordance with the concept of green recycling low-carbon. We will further improve the transportation infrastructure such as roads and railways, and strengthen internal and external traffic links. The establishment of public transport as the main body, a combination of various modes of transport, multi-level, multi types of urban integrated transport system, facilitate different相关的主题文章: