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Sales it increasingly difficult to accommodate all of its residents. People residing in cities like Los Angeles, Boston and New York find it difficult to find affordable housing. In response to that trend, building professionals have found that experimenting with different floor plans may be the answer. The micro-apartment just may be the answer to housing shortage problem in these larger cities. Furniture stores in Los Angeles may soon have to stock smaller pieces to capitalize off this trend. Cities like San Francisco and New York are already a part of the micro-apartment trend. People who live in micro-apartments are more likely to be young and single. People with limited income are good fits for this living scenario. Young professionals new to certain cities just launching their careers look to these housing solutions to meet their lean budgetary needs. This differs from the typical studio apartment, which averages 500 square feet in most major cities. Micro-apartments average between 275 and 300 square feet. Cities like New York City have approved the addition of 300-square-foot apartments for construction. San Francisco just approved a measure that would allow for apartments to be as small as 220 square feet. In Boston, the unit can be as small as 354 square feet. People living in small apartment spaces have always had problems furnishing their homes. Convertible pieces that serve multiple purposes are a popular choice for people living in these situations. Creating multi-purpose furniture is another popular trick for furnishing small apartments. Removing shelves from a bookshelf and adding hooks create a functional coat rack and storage space. Floating shelves affixed to a wall are another way to make use of limited space. Smaller dwellings for young professionals and single individuals will make it easy for companies in crowded cities to attract talent. As major cities continue to lower the minimum size requirements for apartments, the furniture industry will see a demand for stylish, compact furniture pieces that won"t work well for smaller spaces. Professionals and single individuals may soon begin to find pieces at furniture stores in Los Angeles especially made for micro-apartment units. provides the latest in housing and furniture trends. About the Author: Contemporary furniture, a part of portraying any luxurious lifestyles, can be seen anywhere in the world. Contemporary Furniture made of Sherman Oaks, Contemporary Italian Furniture in Los Angeles or the popular Georgio Collection Dealer in Los Angeles, each come with its" own unique characteristics and style. Article Published On: – Sales 相关的主题文章: