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Funny sister Tucao: Giroux second variable Jeremy windwalk with harden skills strong big Giroux, everybody is good, today is Saturday, long weekend, working a week finally relieved, but the game does not work, there are many wonderful English tonight waiting for you! All right, let’s take a look at today’s tucao! If you have a funny joke and Tucao please remember to watch more sports @ funny sister, sister tease Tucao, click to download the sina sports client > > handsome man with sister tease in a public platform for laughing, and you have not concerned? Scan two-dimensional code or search for micro signal: sportsfunnygirl, with funny sister chat sports! Come and sweep up the football ———————————- @ search: on the down (HU), (Zi) the evolutionary history of @sth_4_nothing: "well, more and more halal @ picked up a" YannSommer: "Giroux: to be my beard and waist…" @Dong-Sports: "the CIA station in London is stalking" @ wet: "Engels" wretched little west @ YW: "this is the reason for slow running" @ThreshCHT: "Giroux became harden" ———————————- Wenger: some people obsessed with the Golden Globes full just do not want to team at Arsenal against Sunderland before the conference coincides with the Golden Globe Award, announced a list of 30 people, Wenger also to speak: "Mesut Ozil was nominated for a Golden Globe Award, we are very satisfied, he is also very satisfied. But I would like to make it clear that I am opposed to the golden ball, because the golden ball award to a lot of players wrong guidance. I’ve seen a lot of people who think they can win the golden ball without paying attention to the performance of the team." It’s a bit awkward, Mesut Ozil has not been nominated for the Golden Globe, in fact, this year’s Golden Globe Award in the 30 national people’s Congress list, there is no one Arsenal player. @32332: "Wenger, you say I will blush" @ I love Lu Cannon: "Wenger this high, a black mule and blond" @Jacky-hoo: "the Golden Globe Award is the fight powder, gold?" King: "if Arsenal were to win the Champions League, Wenger would not have a gold ball for his ace?" Don’t run @ everywhere: "why do you know who said in an instant" @ _R: Apocalypse "Madrid police have been on the road, at run ———————————- @ bursting hamster: off the bench field Bayern defender Badstuber in the 3-1 win over Augsburg, this is the first appearance since his injury in February. "The porridge slipped:" Diaby: I’m not for anyone, just…" Bus driver: Phil Jones: help me get up @FC beast Buddha: "live!相关的主题文章: