Fund managers the property market is more than the story of the stock market can be layout

Fund managers: the property market is more than the story of the stock market can be the layout of the layout of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: China fund report author: good environment investment general manager Wu Hongtao eleven holiday, nine days holiday, all the sun circle of friends are full of idle away in seeking pleasure, Shuabing, although the news is full of people who suffer, crowded. The eleven I choose to stay at home, standing in the upstairs to see Beijing City, in addition to sharing with the public about the haze, really feel quiet, this is my normal life and work in Beijing in a rare leisurely time this year. In a lot of people think that the world is big, I want to go out for a walk, I think so, the world is crowded and noisy, I want a quiet, a bit of time and space to think. To think about life, to think about the future, and to think about the present. Life and the future is a macro words, composed of countless present. And we will live each moment well, life will be very good, every moment thinking, the future will be very good. Make a pot of tea, some nuts, side product side thinking, perhaps this is the life I want. Calm down, the world is quiet. Eleven, after 2016 this is basically the past. This year the whole market investment enthusiasm, the stock market is not the story of the housing story too much, I have all these in anticipation of early market investment opportunities in decision making, policy analysis and interpretation of the state is a required course for investment. So the entire investment in the stock market in addition to playing the new, there is no layout, not I do not optimistic about China’s stock market, but the stock market has not yet begun the rhythm. Earlier this year, the main strategy in the commodity market. National supply side reform, monetary policy easing, as well as restrictions on the stock market and policy guidance, these are favorable for the commodity market. Such as the beginning of the black line, agricultural products and cotton, as well as sugar, have a larger increase. This is a thing of the past, all of the data we are clear in mind. The recent high prices, although expected, rose so fierce in the unexpected. More money and less, prices rise, which is the inevitable law of the market. Since it is the law a birth and death process, recently in various areas of the housing policy to help cool the real estate, a large amount of money will gradually leave the real estate market, while the whereabouts of these funds will lead the new investment direction. A cloud: "invisible war, water potential". But I do not think so, in the investment market, the war is tangible, water is also a potential, because the enemy hit you, is always the worst place to hit you, the flow of water must eventually go to low-lying areas. So the flow of funds is the price of depression, there is always a popular place for investment. The hot real estate in the cooling, there is little chance of a high temperature. Large capital investment is mainly based on the purchase, the first choice of depression, plus speculation and imagination, the depression into what we think is a hot investment process, which is now the Chinese market which is depression? What theory相关的主题文章: