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French bread and French fries? You enjoy delicious with expert advice – Shandong Channel – [global network reported] hard bread, French fries and soft, are disappointing. According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on September 28th, recently, the American Chemical Society has explained why aging bread and French fries, and provide some tips to solve this kind of problem. The researchers said that water is a key factor in the aging of food. Bread and potato chips are starchy foods, starch molecules are hydrophilic, can absorb the moisture in the food. Bread contains wheat gluten, gluten, starch molecules (including amylose and amylopectin). Around the circle as the carbon dioxide scaffold structure formed of the soft palate, bread. At the same time, this structure can also lock moisture. At first, the amylose molecules began to break down and release water. But amylopectin locks water longer because of slow decomposition of these molecules. The water slowly passes, making the bread hard and brittle. And contain bread shell of hydrophilic starch, bread will dry the water inside. If the bread aging, which can be put into the oven temperature to 60 degrees Celsius. The researchers said that this approach allows the bread to absorb moisture, restore soft taste. If you intend to eat the cake in one or two days, you can put it into a bread box or paper bag, to prevent aging. The main concern is to avoid the use of plastic bags to store bread, because it will cause moisture loss of bread, and ultimately the formation of blue-green mold. In addition, the bread into the refrigerator will lead to bread hardens, and the speed is 6 times faster than the normal temperature. If the bread is stored longer, the freezer can be stored. As for fries, the role of water is more important. In the process of frying, all water fries almost all evaporated, so the starch in food will become "thirsty", prompting them to continue to absorb moisture from the air. French fries in the packaging box containing nitrogen, before the unopened, it will not react with the possibility of water 86%. This design can prevent stale fries. The researchers said that once the chips became soft and can be put into a microwave oven, high temperature bake for 30 seconds, the water can be forced out. This method can effectively restore the French fries crisp taste, taste just bought is not much difference between. (internship compilation: Tian Ruizhe reviewer: Guo Siyi (Hu Honglin), commissioning editor: Zheng Puli)相关的主题文章: