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Foxconn millet India embarrassed road – Sohu technology with the rapid rise China, labor, material cost, tilt and related policies, Chinese manufacturing has begun large-scale relocation planning, business owners side slowly improved production, the implementation of the machine substitutions, while systematically looking for cheaper labor. In fact, the manufacturing industry came to China from Europe in 20 years ago, but also based on similar background. Now, Europe also came to China reincarnation, is indeed, energy-saving in coastal city is sufficiently rich, so get rid of manufacturing impulse strong and ruthless. More and more Chinese believes that the manufacturing industry should be poor and backward countries do, only the poor children will sit to the pipeline, all day long doing monotonous and boring work, after we have a small property, should do more decent work, such as business incubator, successful mentor, even do a takeaway, express little brother or specialist, and these factors together, eventually forming a "manufacturing a large number of staff turnover, production elements are more expensive, but no painstaking polished quality" embarrassing situation. China manufacturing relocated to India is the first choice, the most important reason is the rich human resources, here not only has inexhaustible head, but the price is very low, at the same time, considering the India consumption potential, manufacturing enterprises, more and more mobile phone brands began here in the construction plant, millet on India travel for a long time, the red rice Note3 has become one of India’s most popular mobile phone; HUAWEI also began planning in India production and sales, as for Foxconn to build 12 factories in the India thing, is already known to all, not to mention their customers the biggest apple CEO Cook also had a keen interest in India, but manufacturing many elements involved in the industry, but also far more than human, it is more about the system, culture and human nature. India market, gold or rotten quagmire? There is no doubt, from the point of view of human resource and consumption potential, India land is a huge gold mine, something of their excess, no resettlement of people, it is the production elements China manufacturing enterprises most, but worked in manufacturing all the people know that manufacturing has never been producing elements of mechanical patchwork, especially the management is very difficult, but when you want to become a tool when the difficulty is increased by at least 20 times, which means that Foxconn wants to use the human resources of India, the transformation must be turned upside down on them. When it comes to personnel transformation, we had to reluctantly found no country in the world, such as Chinese like hard work, like a machine never stops, India is not competitive, in fact, they are famous for being lazy and dirty, remember the famous joke: people in the UK security at the airport, was found 7 underwear, he bluntly replied, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… The meaning is to change one day; and the Indians were searched out 12 underpants, when the security personnel to admire the Indians love clean habits, they say January, February)相关的主题文章: