Five calculation of the most likely to conceive the time method – Sohu maternal-remonstrate

Five calculation of the most easy to conceive of the time – Sohu maternal and child pregnancy is a more complex process, affected by many factors. Master the most easy to conceive of women, not only can choose and increase the chance of pregnancy, but also to avoid accidental pregnancy. In 1, cervical mucus observation generally have normal menstrual cycle in women, there is a feeling in the dry pussy "period" by the net will appear "wet", followed by "dry" period and the next menstruation. Here the so-called "wet" refers to the vaginal mucus from the vagina produced by the genital wet feeling. Before and after the menstrual period, mucus often sticky and less, even without mucus. In the middle of the menstrual cycle, mucus will become increasingly thin, also more and more, more close to ovulation, the more clear, like egg white and elastic, smooth sense of drawing is the highest, most also. On the last day of this mucus called "peak day", it will occur between 48 hours before ovulation. So before ovulation in the "wet period" until 3 days after the peak day of life to get pregnant. 2, the basic body temperature after 6-8 hours of sleep wake up, has not yet carried out any activity and speak before, the measured oral temperature, that is, the basic body temperature. Women with normal basal body temperature changes periodically during the menstrual cycle, ovulation usually occur at the base temperature rise or rise from low to high in the process of ovulation increases after ovulation has occurred kevin. Kevin in the first 3 days at elevated levels as "easy pregnancy". The temperature rise range is 0.3 -0.C. Therefore, the best measurement of basal body temperature from the first day of menstruation, daily measurement, and coordinate paper records, in order to observe and analysis. 3, the date of reckoning each ovulation in general 14 days before menstruation, it will be 5 days before ovulation 5 days after ovulation is called "easy pregnancy". However, this method is not reliable, because most women do not have regular menstruation. In contrast, the first two methods are reliable, but some trouble. 4, the ovulation test is normal menstrual cycle from the first day of each period to the first day of the next menstrual days, if the normal menstrual cycle, start the test from the twelfth day of menstrual cycle, once a day, the family can be self testing, elective pregnancy. 5, vaginal menstrual cycle from B Ultrasound to monitor the tenth day of menstrual cycle monitoring, follicle diameter of 1.8 cm is the mature follicle. Life is a great and hard things, blessing every pregnant mother can quickly prepare pregnant eugenic, enjoy the joy of motherhood ~ more prepared pregnant, please add micro signal: bjtlbyby2 (public number search bjtlbyby2 long press copy).相关的主题文章: