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Health If we believe upon archeological facts then we should say that the concept of first aid was introduced in 11th century. Initially, the idea was to offer services to knights, injured soldiers and pilgrims. Later on, in the year 1870, British Red Cross formed and it prominently marked its presence during the World War I & II. Now-a-days, there are several institutions in all over the world which promises immaculate First Aid Training Courses. Course contents of first aid certification includes techniques for dealing with bleeding and other severe injuries like broken bones, bug bites, burns, and so on. Normally, a small cut does not create critical problems. But, it varies according to the wound location and size of the wound. For minor cases, you should rinse the injury with clean water. You can use mild antibiotic soap as well. You can use either sterile gauze or sterile adhesive bandage or adhesive tape to cover the wound. Everyday, examine your wound and change bandage. If you get doctors assistance then it would be too good. For sever cases, to stop excessive bleeding, press your palm tightly up to five minutes. Blood may soak the gauze then apply another but do not remove till the time bleeding stops or you reach doctors clinic. Bone fracture is one of the most delicate issues for first aider. If the casualty felt a bone snap or his/her certain body part has unbearable pain and moves in unusual way then definitely bone at that particular body part has fractured. If you have sprain problem then it is less problematic situation than fracture. Sprain is the situation when ligaments (it holds bone together) are partially torn or overstretched. Suspected bone fracture in neck or back requires intensive care. Let that particular body part does not move unless the casualty is in deep trouble. If there is no other option and the casualty has to move then move the whole body as unit. Head, neck and back must be in perfect alignment. Smart usage of splint around the fractured limb prevents possibility of severe injuries. So, usage of splint is considered as the act of expert first aider. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: