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Home-Improvement We are one of the leading manufactures of fibreglass roofing sheets and offer a large variety of sheets, which match all the profiles of Asbestos, precoated GI and aluminium sheets. We also manufacture coloured and Designer Sheets for Hotels, Club Houses, Recreation Centres, Parking Sheds, etc. We develop made to order accessories. We provide a total roofing solution, which includes designing of roofing, supply and installation on site with the most modern fixing methods. Flexibility of design and creativity is used to the fullest when we manufacture fibreglass roofing sheets. Thus we can supply these sheets with different custom-made sizes and also provide innumerable design and profile patterns to the client. The range of thickness, colours, sizes and roofing accessories we offer is unique and envied by other GRP manufactures. We are probably the only .pany manufacturing GRP sheets in an organsized style and supplying it directly and through our dealer net work. However, the most important advantage we offer is of after sales service and technical back-up, when ever required. Hence, we call us the only preferred vendor for quality construction. The primary function of the roof system is to protect against and manage the weather elements, particularly precipitation, thereby protecting the interior and structural .ponents of the home. For the purposes of a home inspection, the roof system consists primarily of the roof coverings, flashings and chimney. There are two basic types of roof construction, sloped (also called pictched) and flat. Most sloped roofs are covered with individual pieces of shingling material overlapped to prevent water penetration. Flat roofs are basically watertight membranes that should have just enough slopes to allow water to run off. The slope of a roof can be a factor in the life expectancy of the roofing material. Benefits Tough and hard wearing Lasts at least 20 years Can be repaired if physically damaged Can be extended or re-furbished Prevents illegal access Can be tiled or used as a garden platform Replaces lead and has no intrinsic value to thieves With a background in fibreglass manufacturing and material supply, Fibreglass Mouldings Ltd has be.e one of Britains leading GRP roofing specialists. We manufacture and develop fibreglass roofing sheets, which are exclusive made. GRP sheets .e in the both translucent and opaque colors with a wide range of options to choose from. With powder bond mat a rooflite resign. Rooflite resin .es with Ultra violet resin trance fibreglass is extensively used as roofing material in many industries and houses. Fibreglass roofing sheets are available in standard cement sheet corrugation,iron sheet corrugation, Aluminium sheet corrugation, Designer corrugated sheets, Mesh wire roofing sheets. This product is available in an extensive range of surface coating systems, sheet sizes and thicknesses. The important feature about this system is that it has an efficient long term weathering property and has outstanding surface erosion properties. It is scratch resistant and impact resistant as well. It is best suited for road and rail traffic signage, double glazing roof systems, light diffusers and skylights. It is also suitable for internal and external partitions, wet area linings, and advertising facades and for wall cladding and truck bodies. We have an adept team of experienced industrial designers, administrative personnel, industry professional and other production staff to support the entire production process. All of them are well versed with latest technology. Their expertise helps us in making appropriate use of raw materials in our processes to produce high quality and flawless range. We are fibreglass roof suppliers in UK. We provide a wide range of materials for the fibreglass .posites industry, .petitively-priced and with unbeatable customer service standards. Our range include fabricated / decorated roofing sheets, translucent corrugated roofing sheets, opaque corrugated & plain roofing sheets, GRE (glass reinforced epoxy) high pressure piping systems, and fibre glass sheets. Our strong base facilities .prising advanced production machineries allows us to successfully meet our production targets. We pay main importance to the quality of our products and ensure that they meet the existing international standards in terms of quality, functionality and durability. We carefully design and test the quality feature of our systems and ensure that superior grade of materials are used in our production processes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: