Female star walking barefoot flying self blame too difficult to wear these shoes remonstrate

Female star walking barefoot flying self blame these shoes are too difficult to wear lead: the female star is generally a group most pay attention to their own image, but also, they are most likely to put a group of self. Why say so, look down… (Editor: @philtre) recently, the fairy Elle Fanning wore a pink suit in the Losangeles Airport, but attract the attention of people is not the full style pajamas, it is because she has no shoes, barefoot walking around at the airport, this is no willful Jin who. Elle Fanning walking barefoot airport ground clean, so we can not with it. In addition to Elle Fanning, there are no girls don’t love star shoes, remember K once publicly show. A second ago also wearing black heels after one second to the "barefoot walking the red carpet in the same ethnic group" Venice premiere, making perfect photos, small K immediately put on the foot CL heels off. Small K CL wearing high-heeled shoes red carpet K map is really small barefoot flying self K. In addition, at the Cannes Film Festival, Julia Roberts also came back to the foot to walk the red carpet, almost no one more than her with bold. Julia Roberts – barefoot walking the red carpet barefoot walking the red carpet and Cameron Diaz. Cameron · Diaz barefoot walk the red carpet with don’t think only Dave, our domestic star flying self in this way the barefoot is farther away. Na Ying Zhu Dan sands, however, so let them "unruly" is not entirely to blame these hundreds of 10cm to wear high-heeled shoes too hard, feel if they don’t take off, the next second is falling out of them. Only blame too difficult to wear shoes with "pain shoe king" Christian Louboutin once said "comfortable shoes is never my duty," a stick to the pursuit of beauty and feel comfortable shoes into the bottom of the female. Is it true that there is no good-looking and can run long-distance shoes? Do you have a nice looking and fashionable shoe to recommend 3 comfortable and fashionable brands?. Statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. 1 Sam Edelman remember "Jurassic Park", the heroine wearing the run through the overlord of the high-heeled shoes? It’s from Sam Edelman. The entire film, the actress wearing these shoes to drill the woods, grass, and finally can run faster than the tyrannosaurus rex. Wear high-heeled shoes fighting dinosaurs, powerful word sister "Jurassic Park" indeed, Sam Edelman is in comfort to do a very good brand, but also close to the popular trend of the season, a good brand flagship wear not expensive. The current popular shoes, suede shoes, and when the winter boots have not lost the big version. Sam Edelman round Sa ballet flats.相关的主题文章: